Lady In Red - A Thursday Fashion File Link-Up

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing fine. I apologize one more time for the silent treatment. Lately, I am not sure what have gotten into me. I have about 13 post ready to publish but for some reason I am unaware of I was not able to push that "publish button". The good news is, I have scheduled about 5 of them so definitely more activities to come for the coming days...


Camel & Polka Dots

Hi Everyone,

I have never noticed that this blouse was see through until I had my photos taken. Funny right? I got this blouse during my early pregnancy but can't recall if I used to wear it with something underneath. I still wanted to share my outfit with you because I like the combo. The light colors of the skinnies, shoes and handbag with the navy polka dots blouse. Like the outcome, a perfect look to run errands on a Saturday. Thoughts?


My Chadwick Jacket

Hi Everyone,
I know, I know, I have a big head lol! Well this is basically what my hair look like when you just wash them, roller set followed by an overnight wrap. I must have them blow dry after rollers or flat ironed every 2 weeks to keep them straight and less puffy. I had to skip the beauty salon to experiment some of my homemade products.


Here Comes Fall - A Dresslink wishlist

Photo Credit (Home Design Idea)
Hi Everyone,

Here comes the Fall. Even though I am not living in a four seasons country, I don't see any harm in wearing its vibrant colors. So do you know what have inspired these colors? Autumn leaf color.


Animal Print & Jogger Pants

Hi Everyone,

I like jogger pants particularly the ones with prints and a nice fit (as seen here, here and here) but I wanted to try the "tomboy" version. Since I am 100% girly, I couldn't come up with a complete tomboy look so I quickly went back to myself. I would say this look is perfect to run errands and such.


Glitter Makes The World Goes Round

Hi everyone,
I am very moody when it comes to fashion needless to say that although the classy business woman look is my #1 when it comes to work outfit, I sometime like to brighten up a bit. Today's look is one of my favorite. It's fun, It's classy, It's elegant It's everything with the right dose of pink: from the midi polka dot skirt to that baby pink draped shawl collar blazer and my new favorite tee "Glitter makes the world goes round". I actually can't wait to wear that tee again with a pair of skinnies...


The Feri Handbag from GWT

Hi Everyone,

How are you today? Today, my post is featuring a Feri Handbag. That handbag is a gift from one of my girlfriends, Nadjy. She's a doctor and a consultant at GWT (click here for more details). I will not tell the story behind the gift but I will tell you how I like it. Love it (will look even better in pink-lol)!!! Apparently, Feri is one of the most popular designer brand of GWT while it doesn't come with any authentication card it is very well made with high quality materials and reminds me of my FENDI handbag. Visit Nadjy GWT page for more details.
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