Cobalt Blue & Tangerine

Good morning everyone,

One of my coworkers visited the blog and felt offended that I wrote "Good morning Ladies" to start with the posts. He was like " what about all the male followers who visit the blog on a regular basis? I guess he is right. Although , my main audience is women, I am glad to know that I have the other gender among my followers. Big shout out to you gentlemen!

Back to fashion, I like to mix tangerine to cobalt (royal) blue. I think they look so good together that when I found this paisley cropped pants (although I am not a fan of cropped pants), I felt in love: so many pretty colors to play with: from orange to cobalt and the purple,the pink .... It's almost not legal to put all these pretty shade of colors together. Thoughts?


Stripes & Cropped Cardigan

Happy Hump day,

 If you have been following along for a while now, you should know that I am more on the chic/classy/elegant side so when I found this stripe organza skirt at a bargain price on top of it I did not hesitate a second to decide that it was going home:-). Although it was love at first sight nothing seemed to be good enough to wear with it until my laid my eyes on this very very very old cardigan from F21. I must admit that some pieces from F21 can last forever. By coincidence both the cardigan and the blouse are from F21 (blouse is recent). To play with the nude and black combination, I decided to wear this boxy peach top with black contrast trim. I love the final result: a ladylike outfit and the faux pearl (earings, necklace, pin, bracelets) gave the perfect final touch. Thoughts?


So Long Caché!

Good morning Ladies,

It really saddens me that the Caché brand is gone. They recently closed all the stores including the online shopping website. It seems that they will re-open online only but I am so apprehensive about the outcome. After that I have been so disappointed with the new CWC (Cold Water Creek) online I am curious to see what good will come out of this one.

So as you probably guess (or if you are used to Caché), I am wearing a Caché dress, actually a gift from the hubby about 3 years ago. I really love how this dress fits. It's sexy and classy yet decent enough to wear with a blazer to go to work. A great statement piece from day to night. So long Caché!


Mix&Match: Aztec Print Trouser

 Good morning ladies,

Hope you are having a good weekend. I hope we had more days off. It feels so good sometimes to stay in the comfort of your home with your loved ones...

I really love this trouser but when it has always been a challenge to find something I actually love as much to wear with them. I worn it once with a nice embroidered top and the pictures did not make it. I tried it with a white shirt and I found that it somehow killed the beauty of the pants (lol). I got this embellished sweatshirt on sale for less than $10 at Target and never worn it until
I was looking for something to wear with these pants... I think I like the results better now (SMH). Thoughts?


PLAID From Work to Casual

Good morning ladies,

Remember I said how I like a nice plaid shirt (see post here)? Again, I like how they can be easily dressed up or down and the fact that you will always find many options in your closet to go with them. I am particularly in love with this one. It's from Chadwicks however I like the fact that it reminds me of the classic Burberry pattern also the fact that it can be worn with so many pieces in my closet from the black, white, red, beige skinnies, classic pants or skirts.

In today's post I found myself willing to try many options that I am sharing with you here (Unfortunately, I couldn't find my favorite pair of white skinnies but it looks great on white...). Which one you like best?


Classic Tie & Suspender

Good day ladies,

You should know by now that I love menswear. It is actually kind of weird that I don't have more posts wearing men clothes (besides this post here). I think that men's clothing look sexy on a woman especially if they belong to the hubby. 


Cobalt Blue Pointed Toe Heels

Good morning ladies,

Hope you had a great (long) weekend. Mine is going pretty well.  I am so not ready to go back to work tomorrow. Maybe it's time to get another job. It's pretty scary when  Monday arrives and all you can think of is "Is it Friday yet?" Do you know that feeling? Yeah, It's definitely wrong (SMH)

Well, I like how colorful this blouse is. This is actually a very versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with almost everything.  And the statement of the day: Cobalt Blue Pointed Toe Heels.  I really like the combination. Thoughts?
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