About Me

My name is Iris and I’m the face behind “LaMoumous, All About Confidence & Feeling Good”. As a certified Style Coach™ I work “one-to-one’ with clients, helping them to achieve a new look, new confidence, become the person they want to be, living a frustration-free, balanced, happy, and fulfilled life. I am also particularly passionate about encouraging brands and corporate companies to streamline their grooming standards and help employees dress with purpose and poise when they go to work in the morning: "My role is to help you create an image that is consistent with your personality and to help you develop the visual impact necessary in order to achieve your goals.” 

I am an experienced professional in the fields of Marketing, PR, Sales, and Customer Service with over 12 years of experience in Telecom/Technology. I have contributed to the realization of several large projects that have revolutionized the Telecom/IT sector including the launch of the Dedicated Broadband Internet (Leased Line Solution), and the first Telecom e-recharge platform in Haiti. I received the COMCEL leadership Award in 2010 in recognition of my efforts and teamwork for the post-disaster initiatives after the January 12 earthquake. LaMoumous Fashion Blog was launched in 2014  out of my passion for fashion. The blog aims to inspire women to accept themselves as they are and above all to showcase their best attributes while remaining classy and elegant. Convinced that good self-esteem is a key element in the success of our life projects, in 2019, I launched my Personal Styling Services. I am a Certified Style Coach™ from the Style Coaching Institute in London and also a member of the International Association of Styles Coaches worldwide (IASC).

LaMoumous blog is my happy place where I enjoy sharing my insights on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Following my blog is a great way to get fashion inspiration and learn what's new on the horizon. You can join me here.

More Details about the Style Coaching services are available here.

If you are interested to collaborate with me on in-store events, editorial content, brand representation, fashion campaigns, seminars..., for more info, or to hire me as your personal stylist or Style Coach™, please email me at or fill out my contact form.




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