Returning to School after lockdown

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Happy Tuesday! This year, I skipped the Back to School blog edition for personal reasons. I am so disappointed not being able to share the fun with you but I hope you'll understand. Maybe next year, but until then please do share how is back to school for you so far? I know things are different depending on where you are located on the globe? Are you still homeschooling? Comment below and let me know. In the meantime, I am sharing a few tips on how to mentally prepare your child to return to school.

Have a talk with your child
Your child might have worries about the virus, restrictions in place or their education and school. It’s important to acknowledge that this is a difficult time. It’s important to give them the message that returning to school is a big thing and you understand that. Talk to them in a way that is sensitive to their needs – you will know your child best. Don’t intrude or impose yourself on them, but gently open the conversation and let them know you’re there for them if they want to talk.

Sleep routine
Sleep is very important for your child’s mental health and wellbeing, as well as their development. Try and help your child build a healthy sleep routine which they can maintain whether attending school in person or not. I put my 3 years old twins to bed between 6h30 & 7pm and my 7 years old daughter at 8hpm (sometimes 830pm). And they wake up with no help at around 6h30-6h45am.

Dealing with stress and anxiety
When we are feeling stressed, we usually use some coping techniques such as speaking with friends or family, doing regular exercise, or using breathing techniques. If you feel comfortable, you could share your own worries and feelings about the current situation and coping strategies you are using to manage these feelings. Acknowledge that it’s normal to feel anxious about going back to school. Encourage them to focus on the present and avoid thinking too far ahead: hand washing, wearing masks, getting prepared for returning such as packing their bag and everything in their control.

Make yourself available
Children may want to come and “debrief” but maybe not when you expect. Create space for talking in different ways, such as going on a walk together or baking together – there may be less pressure in these circumstances than when sitting face-to-face. Ask them questions like: what have they enjoyed about being back? Any worries or challenges? Do check in with them periodically.

Look at the positives
It might be helpful to talk with your child about the things they have enjoyed during the pandemic and what they may be looking forward to, like the opening of their favorite shop/ store/ ice cream parlor seeing friends in the park or getting ice cream from their favorite café.

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