10 Things You Must Do Before Summer Ends

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Happy Friday everyone! Summer is almost over! Back to School is next week however, the weather is still warm, the pools are open, and the fruity drinks are flying. So before we go back to our busy life. Here are some awesome things you should definitely do before the end of this summer!

1. Go for a picnic.
It seems a little old-fashioned, but a picnic can still be a lot of fun. Put some food in a basket or a cooler, go find a grassy spot somewhere (why not in the mountain), plop down, and have a meal. Take your friends or your family along and make an experience that you’ll remember. Just be sure to avoid the ant hills!

2. Unplug and go connect with your real-life friends.
Everyone is on the Internet these days. Some people will keep their faces pointed directly at their phones even when they’re outside. Sometime this summer, make sure you set the phone down, step away from the computer, and experience life without the Internet. Make sure you stop by and see your friends. Catch up; do things that you used to do before the Internet became a dominant force in our lives. Your brain will thank you because sometimes, you just have to get away from the web.

3. Walk somewhere
We have legs that we are using less and less these days. Do your body, your cardiovascular system, and your health a favor and pound some pavement this summer. Find a park or a trail and walk around. If you live close enough, hoof it to your local shopping center. Whatever it is, just get off your behind and walk around outside for a while. Did we mention that the sun gives away free vitamin D (but don't forget your sunscreen and if you care, the best time to walk to benefit from the free Vitamin D is between 11m and 2pm)?

4- Have a BBQ
Fire up the grill and the smoker because it’s still summer! There is no better time to have a BBQ and invite your friends, neighbors, and family over. It’s a fun time and it’s a great way to bond with the people you care about. BBQ is also delicious and with all of the other activities you’ll be doing, it’ll be easy to keep the weight off too.

5. Do some housework
It is the safest period of the year to get up on your roof and finally clean out those gutters and re-shingle the roof. Your yard could probably use some TLC too and the siding on your house is probably in need of a good power wash. We have no doubt you have a to-do list and there is no better time to get it done than summer.

6. Try something you’ve never tried before
There are a lot of things left to experience and you have three whole weeks to do them! The possibilities are endless and they’ll be your treasured memories years from now.

7. Start a garden
There is almost a primal satisfaction in making things grow out of the ground. A lot of people plant gardens and you should too. You can grow flowers, vegetables, fruits, or even herbs and spices. Finding what to grow can be fun and weeding your garden can be oddly calming and therapeutic. Plus at the end of the season, you can pick what you grow and use it for indoor decoration, like food, or spice food. That’s a win-win!

8. Plank yourself three times a day
Summertime is the best time to get yourself into shape. It’s nice outside which makes outdoor activities more fun. People generally lose weight over the summer because there is so much more to do. When we say plank, we don’t mean the silly thing that people do where they lie down on random things. We’re talking about the ab exercise that can help you firm up that tummy. If you start doing it now and keep going until fall, you’ll definitely see results!

9. Get yourself some fruity drinks.
One of the best things about summer is the fruity drinks. Smoothies are amazing and there are quite a few places that sell them. If you’re into making them at home you can find thousands of recipes. For adults, adding a little alcohol to them is never a bad idea. The PiƱa colada was invented for this time of year. Do yourself a favor and make yourself a nice big smoothie.

10. Volunteer
And we save the best for last. It’s never too late to help those in need or to volunteer in places around your community; especially if you are in Haiti and are able to join one of those credible relief efforts. It is definitely a great way to end the Summer and to give back. Trust me, it is so rewarding.

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So tell me what have you done this summer and how you plan on closing this fun season. Are you already transitioning to fall? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. These are such good things to enjoy in summer! We are lucky it's spring here, lots of time to do things like this!

    Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a nice weekend :) Another busy one for us, 3 parties to attend!

    Away From The Blue


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