A Letter to My Homeland - Une Lettre à ma Patrie

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry for the silent treatment but I needed a break. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded on Saturday 14 August at around 0830h, in the southern region of Haiti. On August 16, a tropical depression resulting in flooding and landslides. On August 18, we also had a 4.6 magnitude earthquake with many strong aftershocks. Needless to say that we have hundreds of thousands of people without homes, food, water, and care. While relief efforts are helping as much as they can, I can't help but think that we are responsible for what is happening to us. Taking accountability is the first step in solving issues.

Before I go back to my regular blog post schedule, I felt the need to express my feelings thru what I've done best... The following text is written in French but I Google translated it at the end for your convenience.

Haïti, Haïti notre chère patrie, notre âme sœur combien de temps dois-tu continuer à souffrir, à pleurer à cause de l’indifférence, le manque d’amour de tes fils et de tes filles.

Les épreuves ne sont pas des fatalités mais sont là pour nous permettre de mieux rebondir. Cependant, à chaque épreuve, tu es meurtrie car nous ne prenons pas notre responsabilité de peuple. Il est de notre devoir de défendre notre patrie comme notre bien le plus précieux. Alors, faisons de meilleurs choix.

Mais malgré tout, Haïti, tu te relèves toujours comme une maman qui veut lutter corps et âmes pour ses enfants pour un meilleur lendemain.

Fils et filles d'Haïti dispersés à travers le monde, donnons cette chance à notre chère Haïti. Changeons nos habitudes, notre mentalité, unissons -nous, mettons de côté la haine, cultivons la gratitude, la tolérance, prêchons l ‘ amour ainsi notre chère patrie, Haïti redeviendra la perle des Antilles.



Improved google translate - so it probably has flaws.

Haiti, Haiti our dear homeland, our soul mate, how long must you continue to suffer, to cry because of the indifference, the lack of love of your sons and daughters.

The trials are not inevitable but are there to allow us to bounce back better. However, with each test, you are bruised because we do not take responsibility as people. It is our duty to defend our homeland as our most precious possession. So let's make better choices.

But despite everything, You, Haiti, always get up just like a mother who wants to fight body and soul for her children for a better tomorrow. Sons and daughters of Haiti scattered around the world, let's give this chance to our dear Haiti. Let us change our habits, our mentality, let us unite, put aside hatred, let us cultivate gratitude, tolerance, let us preach love so our dear homeland, Haiti will once again become the pearl of the Antilles.


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  1. A beautiful letter as are you ,sorry so many terrible things has happened there or everywhere,keep shining your beautiful light in the world-P

  2. Praying.

  3. A heart felt plea and wonderfully dramatic pictures. Thoughts are with you.

  4. So Inspirational. Our family pray for your family. . . .

  5. What a beautiful way to celebrate your country in a time of need. I hope that recovery is swift and that things can get back to normal soon after the disaster.

    Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From The Blue

  6. I loved reading this in French. My boys and I have been praying for Haiti and its people. Beautiful artistic picture.

  7. So poignant and I envy your ability to express yourself in 2 languages.

  8. Thinking of your homeland and people.


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