3 Tips to wear your matching Sets with Confidence

Hi everyone,
Happy Thursday / Friday! The two-piece sets are the most current fashionable outfits. Two-piece sets come in many styles and colors, and the biggest advantage of two-piece sets is that you can mix and match, to not only show your style but also maximize the choice in the closet. Matching sets doesn't just mean "pants suit". It can be a crop top and pants set, a blazer and pants, a bodysuit and pants, or a crop top and skirt, or shorts and crop top, and more. Most importantly, when wearing clothes, matching sets require little thought. Indeed, this effortless look allows you to go out in minutes!


A Letter to My Homeland - Une Lettre à ma Patrie

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry for the silent treatment but I needed a break. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded on Saturday 14 August at around 0830h, in the southern region of Haiti. On August 16, a tropical depression resulting in flooding and landslides. On August 18, we also had a 4.6 magnitude earthquake with many strong aftershocks. Needless to say that we have hundreds of thousands of people without homes, food, water, and care. While relief efforts are helping as much as they can, I can't help but think that we are responsible for what is happening to us. Taking accountability is the first step in solving issues.


7 Essential Items for Your Summer Closet

Hi everyone,

The summer is finally here! You can now enjoy the sun without having to bundle up in winter clothes. With all of these changes, it's essential to make sure your closet has everything you need for this season. We've put together a list of seven essentials that will have you looking stylish from sunup to sundown!


How to look Elegant & Classy Everyday

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Happy Tuesday! Some of us might think it is impossible to be elegant and classy every day. This is especially more difficult for those that are on a budget or, have limited wardrobe options but still wanting to look good.  Either way, today we are going to share some awesome tips on how to look elegant and classy every day without breaking the bank.



Happy Sunday Everyone,

When it comes to casual catch-ups with friends, brunch is undoubtedly a favorite. After all, who doesn’t love debriefing with their besties about life, careers, and guys over coffee and croissants? Of course, in the age of Instagram and Snapchat, what we wear to brunch (along with the food on our plates) is almost always documented. So, it’s only natural to want to look good. 


3 Simple Ways to Glow Up and Become More Attractive This Summer

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What do Ariana Grande, Hailey Beiber, and Taylor Swift have in common? Well, apart from the fact that they’re absolutely gorgeous high-achieving girls who are “getting the bag”, they are attractive.


The Wear of mini / short skirts after 35

Hi everyone,
Happy Thursday! Today I have a very fun topic to chat about: Until what age I could wear a mini (short) skirt? I got this question a lot for skirts and shorts. Although, I addressed this topic last year (post available here). I feel that there is something more I could say to offer you more clarity on the topic and boost your confidence just a little more when it comes to wearing a short skirt. Survey says that women should stop wearing mini / short skirts once they pass 35. I, myself have a different opinion. So, hear me out.


The wear of a Jumpsuit : Your Ultimate Guide

Hi everyone,

The Jumpsuit is the One-Piece Wonder Taking Over Spring 2021 Fashion. From utilitarian to disco-inspired, the versatile jumpsuit appears in the Spring/Summer 2021 collections of Chanel, Saint Laurent, Celine, and more...So here's another opportunity for me to style one of my favorite clothing pieces. In today's post, the ultimate guide you need to confidently wear this piece.
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