15 Approved Summer 2021 Trends

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I know it's late to welcome Summer 2021 but, better late than ever. It has been a very challenging couple of months but I am so grateful for everything happening in my life right now that I can't complain. Anyway, back to today's topic. Let's talk about Summer Trends 2021. Here's my top 12 approved look.

The great thing about living in the age of online shopping and Amazon Prime memberships is that pretty much anything you'd ever want to buy is just a few clicks away. When it comes to clothing, that's especially true. We've fallen down plenty of holes lately, searching for the perfect wedding guest look or trying to find the latest item going viral on TikTok. But, what if we told you the absolute best fashion trends for summer 2021 are probably in your wardrobe? There's a good chance many, if not all, are already sitting in your closet. So let's take a look at my top 12 Summer 2021 Fashion Trends: 

  • Mini Skirts: It's been there for a couple of seasons now. So, if you already have them in your wardrobe do not hesitate to style them with your crop tops and sneakers or with your oversize blazer and boots**;
  • Puff Sleeves: I personally like the combo puff sleeves and square neckline* whether it's a dress or a top :-);
  • Crop tops: with high-rise pants/denim;
  • Straps & Strings:It's time to go full '00s popstar and play around with string details. If you own a dress that ties at the shoulder, skip the neat bows and crisscross your straps or tie them to one side instead. Cheers to another TikTok Trend;
  • Scarves: wear your large scarves as a top or the neckerchief as a headband :-);
  • Boots**: I'm more high heels boots but combat boots are trending and I must admit that they do a great job at taking your outfit to the next level;
  • Oversized shirt: A little twist to the classic white button-down shirt. Can be worn alone or with pants. Layer a cute crop tee on top Et VoilĂ !
  • Large sunglasses: I never got on board with that small eyewear so...;
  • Wanderlust print: Love those prints and I can't wait to share some fun inspirations with you;
  • Squareneck top: Perfect for those D+ cups :-);

  • Bermudas: Love them with a scare neckline crop top and blazer & bucket hats.
  • Bucket Hats: I'm a hat lady but I always find those a little too casual until recently. 
  • High heels flip flops: I am going to stock up on this as these are the sandals I usually take with me to the beauty salon;
  • PJ-inspired look:  They are not going anywhere anytime soon. and I have some great deals for you;
  • White Summer dress & Florals: The classics. It t's definitely time to take them out of your closet :-).

So what are the summer trends you have been wearing and what are the ones that you are still hesitant to splurge? Comment below and let me know.

Outfit Details
Dress, Clutch @Khiani | Sandals @MaisondelaChaussure |
Fascinator @AttitudebyLory | Jewelry @Bijoulakay

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  1. Oh this really is an amazing dress.
    It's like it was made for you!

  2. I love this little white dress, Moumous! It is so gorgeous! I have been all about Bermuda shorts and oversized button down tops lately. Also loose and airy pants. As much as I love the look of a heeled flip flop, I find them to be the most uncomfortable style of shoe ever! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


    1. I am still on the hunt for the perfect bermuda shorts ... So far they are either too baggy or too long.

  3. I love the pink clutch with the little white dress! :)

    Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From The Blue


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