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Happy Sunday everyone. Summer Sundays are beach/pool days and we are here for it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running, surfing, playing beach volleyball, or lounging, there’s one thing that many people have in common and that’s their body image. Women (and men) all over the world have body image issues. A person could be a size 4 or they could be a size 16, and they might still share the same body confidence concerns. Body image is especially prevalent as soon as swimsuit season nears. Last bid attempts to diet, tone up, and search for that magical swimsuit, which is going to cover up all the lumps and bumps, take place in the run-up to summer. But even if a person does find that amazing swimsuit that covers everything up we might still feel insecure. So here is my ultimate guide to looking classy, elegant, and confident at the beach or the pool.

Fashion Transformation: 5 Ways to Feel Good Before the Clothes

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It can be overwhelming to stay current and on top of the newest trends, but it doesn't have to be! There are many ways you can feel good before the clothes when it comes to your wardrobe. Here are five easy steps to be confident in your new look:

Style Inspiration: How to Style your Maxi Dress Day to Night

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Always on-trend and so versatile, maxi dresses are a year-round wardrobe essential. But how to style a maxi dress to suit the season or occasion can be a daunting thought, especially if you don’t usually wear one. Whether it’s summer or winter, a daytime or evening occasion, there’s plenty of ways you can wear the maxi dress to suit your style and shape. If you’re wondering how to wear a maxi dress, then read my maxi dress styling tips for maximum impact this season and beyond:


7 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem And Slay Like You Should

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Everyone on this planet knows that life is full of ups and downs. Our job is to make sure we limit the pain of the downs and fully enjoy the ups. This rollercoaster of life will not exactly go away, so we have to make the most of the time we have.


15 Approved Summer 2021 Trends

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I know it's late to welcome Summer 2021 but, better late than ever. It has been a very challenging couple of months but I am so grateful for everything happening in my life right now that I can't complain. Anyway, back to today's topic. Let's talk about Summer Trends 2021. Here's my top 12 approved look.


Effective Business Success Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

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I know that this blog mainly talks about Self-love, Confidence, Fashion, Lifestyle & Style among others but I am before all a businesswoman with over 15+ of experience in Sales, Marketing, Public Relations & Communications. I worked for the largest telecom/ Technology corporations in my country with 10 years in key decision-making positions. And I still have a managerial position at a local Technology consultancy firm headquartered in the States. Although my Image Consulting, Style & Life Coaching business is still young, I think I can share a few tips on how to be successful growing a business or how to be successful at your job so you can quickly work your way up. With all the current uncertainties especially if you are living in Haiti just like me, one may think that starting a business right now might not be a bright idea. But before you go, hear me out.


What not to wear to a funeral

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Today, July 23rd, 2021, is a very sad day and as I am typing this post, I can't help but wonder what will be next for us as a nation. I meant to write a post on what to wear to a funeral for quite some time now but it never seemed appropriate until today. I always feel frustrated when I see someone attending a funeral in denim or in a too provocative outfit. From an all-red look to a completely black one, let's take a look into the funeral dress code.


6 ways to wear a Pantsuit

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There are plenty of new trends and styles to try. But if you're going to commit to one new look, make it the pantsuit. Serving up some empowering Working Girl vibes, the power suit is been back since 2018 and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you want to try the '80s-inspired check blazer, an ultra-feminine pink pantsuit, or a mini skirt suit, there's a take on the look for everyone to test drive. Here are 5 ways you can wear a pantsuit to stay:


5 reasons why you should wear a monochromatic look

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I'm back! I am sorry for going off the radar for so long after promising that I will do better at keeping up with my regular schedule. As a reminder to my international blogger community, I live in Haiti needless to say more since it's all over the news. With the recent event and Coronavirus at its peak, the country is plunged into the darkness of uncertainty and we are anxiously waiting to see what the future will bring. In the midst of all this, a lot of positive things are also happening to me and I feel grateful (I will say more in the coming days). On a more positive note, I decided to make a comeback in a red monochromatic outfit (we will talk about the power and meaning of colors in the next post). For now, here are 5 reasons why you should consider a monochromatic look.


Your Post-Lockdown Beauty Checklist

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It’s likely that your beauty routine has taken a backseat over the last year because you hardly came into contact with anybody during the lockdown. When you do go out, you’re wearing a mask most of the time so you can get away with not following your normal beauty routine. However, as things start to get back to normal, you will be attending more social events and you’ll want to look your best. If you have let things slip a bit during the lockdowns, you should follow this simple beauty checklist to make sure that you look amazing when you finally do start going out again.

The Beauty Of Body Butter

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After a long and busy day, all that you want to do is get home, run a hot bath, pour in some bubbles, maybe a sip of wine, some good music, and relax. Following your usual cleansing routine, you know, use your body wash, scrub, and so forth. Then, you climb out of the tub, dry, and put some comfy PJ's on.


The Benefits of Picking the Right Clothes for Working Out

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If you’re just getting started with a new exercise routine then it can feel a little annoying to change clothes every time you want to sweat a little. However, there are loads of great advantages to having proper workout clothes and this is especially important for when you’re hearing out to the gym or working out with a group of people.
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