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Happy Weekend! One of the most common questions I get around Spring and Summer is about whether or not women of a certain age (late 30s, 40s+) can wear shorts. Whether you think you are too short, you don't like your legs, or just don't know how to style them, a pair of shorts is a great addition to your Spring/Summer/vacay wardrobe. So if you are feeling hesitant about whether or not you should invest in those summer wardrobe staples, here are a few tips for finding the perfect age-appropriate pair of shorts that won't make you feel like your teenage daughter/niece.

Check the Rise: Anywhere between 9" to 12" is considered high rise. I prefer high rise. They are the most flattering and make your legs look longer.

Check the Inseam:  3" + if you are petite or if you are tall, do not go below 5".

Size Up: If it's true to size, size up as we don't want anything too tight in the waist creating a muffin top.

Fit & Fabric: Denim is usually more structured which helps to hide the lumps and bumps. Go with shorts that have some room in the leg area. If the legs are a little bit big it will make the waist appear smaller (so again more flattering).

Bent over: Drop something and pick it up off the floor. If you can see your bum in that process then those are not the right shorts for you.

Fingertip Test: This is my ultimate guideline to follow when selecting your shorts. If you forget all of the above, please remember this one: Put your arms down by your side. If your shorts are way shorter than the end of your fingertips, you might want to consider a longer inseam. If they are close or even below the fingertips then you are good. If you have longer arms, you might want to add that into your calculation here.

I hope that those tips will give you more confidence to wear shorts this summer. Also, you can also apply the third piece rule by wearing your shorts with a blazer. Shorts & blazers are currently trending.

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Shorts, top, clutch @Lilophia | Berret @AttitudebyLory

Comment below if you are in your late 30's,40s', 50s' and let me know how confident you are to wear shorts.

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  1. I prefer an orange short to match with this Pink floral blouse

    1. Definitely the safest choice. I decided to go with a complementary color for a nicer contrast. Thank you.

  2. Tu es magnifique mon amie! Une vraie beaute:) Bonne fin de semaine xx

  3. Moumous, I really like this outfit! Pink and green are such great colors together and I especially like the pairing of these particular shades of pink and green. As for your question about my shorts comfort level, at 47 years old I embrace my legs as my favorite feature and so I prefer shorter shorts to further highlight that asset. I have tried Bermuda shorts and other longer styles, but frankly, the shorter the shorts, the more flattering they are on my frame. Great post! Thanks for linking with me.



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