3 Fashion Trends to leave behind in 2021

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Happy Thursday! I hope you are doing well. In my work as a style coach, I notice that a lot of us often made the resolutions to quit some of our style habits but rapidly revert to our old habits. Although it may be different from one style personality to another, below are the top 3 fashion habits that usually came up and our recommendation to help you put a stop to them:

1- Completely avoiding colors
If you basically live in black, this one is for you. While those looks may make you feel comfortable and confident, infusing a little color into your wardrobe wouldn't hurt. I'm not saying that you should not wear black altogether. But we can try to incorporate at least 1 color in each outfit. You can start by testing some curveball hues like purple and orange. This year soft powder blue, pastels colors and illuminating yellow are also trending.

2- Not paying attention to proportion
With oversize style being one of the most popular trends, it is important to make a more conscious decision to balance out the proportion of your outfit. Instead of ging with clunky shoes when wearing something oversized, start styling sleeker pieces alongside more voluminous ones to really let your overall silhouette shine.

3- Investing in practical pieces
And the elephant of the room. We tend to invest our money not only in fast fashion but those trends that most of the time we can't find anything in our wardrobe to style them with. Prioritizing investment in having all your basics and making smarter choices when splurging on those cute pieces that deep down of us we know that we aren't going to wear or will only use once. Once you have all your wardrobe basics based on your style personality and your lifestyle; your body shape and your colors, you can, of course, buy trending pieces smartly. For example, you can start by ensuring that you can style these pieces with 3 existing things in your wardrobe (ideally 5).

Outfit Details
Blazer @lilophia | Pants @shoppingmywardrobe (way too big for me) | 
Bowtie c/o @prochelin | Shoes @Khiani | Handbag @luminescence
Sunglasses @glamurboutique

Any particular trend that you would like to let go of but still can't get away from? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. This is really fun and unique outfit, Moumous! Fabulous tips, too! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


  2. good tips and what a fun outfit! :)

    Thanks for joining the Weekday Wear Link Up!

    Away From The Blue


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