How to Transition your Outfit from Day to Night

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Happy Tuesday! I'm back :-). As you can see today I have some more tips to share with you. As I was looking for inspiration I was browsing through my previous posts hoping to get inspired. And it worked. OMG, I can't believe that I haven't talked about this particular topic yet as I am the queen of versatile in that sense not because I want (I have enough clothes in my wardrobe to want to change for night out) but because it is more convenient given of the distance between my home and the city. Style is all about fun, even when you’re at work. If your wardrobe has a few versatile pieces, you can mix, match, and rotate different looks to make it easier to transition your corporate work outfit into a chic night look. So here's a few tips that you use if you have similar challenges or if you are more on the minimalist side of the things.

So if you are planning on going out after work, you might want to consider wearing one of those clothing pieces:

1- The little black dress. A work-appropriate black dress is one of the best daytime fashion pieces that can easily transition into a night look with just a few tweaks. You can pair a black dress with a blazer and sneakers or flats during the day, and switch to a heel for after-work drinks. Pair with chunky jewelry and colorful accessories to create a more casual look.

2- The Midi skirts and Wrap skirts. They have long been a staple of office attire. These skirts pair well with a silk top camisole and blazer as a day outfit, and when you’re ready for nightwear, you can simply take off your blazer or throw a leather jacket over your look to give it a chic aesthetic. If you’re wearing a midi dress or wrap dress, add a leather jacket, or a pair of strappy shoes to create a stylish after-hours outfit.

3- The shirtdress. A shirtdress (white oversize button down) is another versatile piece that can be modified in a variety of ways. For styling as a day look, wear it with denim jeans or leggings at the office, add a belt or even a blazer or a vest to complete your day look and at night, you can undo a few top buttons and wear it as a solo dress with strappy shoes and a bold purse.

4- The jumpsuit. A neutral or print jumpsuit is an all-in-one outfit that can work in a professional and casual setting. Pair with a blazer during the day, and when you’re ready to take this look out with friends for the night, switch to a heel or denim jacket to complete the outfit.

5- The silk blouse. Sleeveless, collared, or button-up, a silk blouse is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. For a day look, you can wear a silk blouse with slacks or a skirt with or without a blazer. At night, pair the blouse with skinny jeans or a miniskirt, and a bold statement necklace.

That's it for today. I save a few more tips for the next time I lack of inspirations but there are so many other ways to play with your wardrobe once you have all your basics. With that said, I would like to know how do you transition from day to night when you have to attend an event right after work or just to hangouts with friends. Comment below and let me know.

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  1. Such a fabulous jumpsuit, I love the print! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  2. Great tips, Moumous! But more importantly, fabulous outfit! What a magnificent print! It is so cheerful and bright. And I really like the white blazer paired with the vibrant color palette. Well done! Thanks for linking.


    1. Hi Shelbee, Cheerful and bright are definitely the best way to describe this jumpsuit. I wanted to add a little bit more of sophistication so I added the white blazer. Thank you, XO,

  3. Love this Gorgeous jumpsuit..has me dreaming of a visit back to Hawaii! Great tips as well!


  4. Great post! Loved all of these transition tips. And that jumpsuit is amazing.
    ~Melissa xx

    1. Thank you Melissa ;-) I am glad that you enjoyed the tips.

  5. Love that you paired this white blazer with that bold jumpsuit. You know that I am not a bright color per say but I can see myself wearing that outfit

    1. Thank you! the jumpsuit is so refreshing !

  6. What a fun jumpsuit! it's been a while since I transitioned an outfit from work to a night out, even though things are open here I'm still working from home at the moment!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you Mica. I am always looking for ways to transition my outfit because I live far from town and going back after a long day of work is definitely not obvious...


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