Brace Yourself: It's Time To Talk Dental Styling

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Like acne and broken hearts, many of us consider braces to be something that we have to deal with in our teens. In reality, though, the stats suggest that around 27% of braces wearers are actually adults.
Picture it – you’re in the prime of your life, you’re attracting cute guys left, right, and center, and then BAM! You’re given braces for two years, and you suddenly feel like all romantic prospects are off the table. After all, teens might be able to make braces look cute, but you don’t have a chance. Or, do you?
We aren’t going to lie; adult braces can be a tough pill to swallow. But, remember, there are loads of adult patients going through the same thing, and many of them manage to look cute regardless by keeping the following pointers in mind.
Ensure a professional finish
Poorly fitted braces are a styling failure before you’ve even started, so the absolute first thing that you need to do is to take steps towards a quality finish. Be sure to research where to get braces in your local area, and pick the option that comes the most highly recommended. Think, too, about things like color at the fitting stage (neutral is often best,) to ensure that you build the best foundation for styling those braces moving forward.
Avoid lippy
You might have been the lipstick queen in your pre-brace days, but you’re going to want to ditch it now. As well as drawing attention to your mouth which, right now, is already shouting to be seen, there’s nothing worse than getting lipstick on your braces. Talk about a turn on… Worse, none of the traditional tricks for keeping lipstick off your teeth are going to work in this instance. Do yourself a favor and avoid the risk altogether!

Be bold with your colors
As mentioned, neutral colors are often best for adult braces but, if you have opted for colored gels, then you shouldn’t be afraid to color coordinate. This is a fantastic way to personalize your new look, and it also brings the notable benefit of making sure that you don’t clash with your teeth, a mistake that will draw the eye even more. Instead, always think about matching your braces somehow. This doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck wearing one color for the duration of your treatment, but it does mean you’ll want to tie your braces in, whether with accessories, eye shadow, or a full-on outfit match.
Lastly, and most importantly, remember to keep on smiling. Nothing shatters our self-confidence and, ultimately, our appearances as badly as the urge to keep our mouths shut. This, more than your braces themselves, could do real damage to everything from your overall appearance to your approachability. Make sure that doesn’t happen by continuing to smile like you’ve got the best gnashers in the world. Your confidence will soon be contagious and, as unlikely as it seems, the chances are that you, and everyone else, will eventually stop noticing those braces altogether.

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  1. Never experience braces but the health of our teeth is really important....

    1. me neither ...but healthy teeth areimportant


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