3 Ways To Personalize Your Outfits

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When you think about it, a lot of outfits are exactly the same. If you're wearing certain clothes, there's always a chance someone else will be wearing them too. There's nothing worse than bumping into someone in the same outfit as you, particularly if you're at a social event! This is why it helps to add some personalization to your outfits. What can you do to make your outfit a bit more unique? Here are a few options that are worth considering:

Repurposing an item of clothing

This is a strange way of putting it, but the idea is that you take part of your outfit and wear it differently from how it's supposed to be worn. A very good example of this is to take a blouse or a shirt and wear it as more of a dress. You can get your creative hat on and look at the different items in your wardrobe, figuring out new and unique ways of wearing them. You may even go as far as to cut up or alter certain pieces to make them into something different. For example, cutting the legs off your jeans to turn them into jean shorts for the summer. Obviously, this makes the outfit more unique as you're literally creating something that other people don't have.

Wear unique jewelry

Accessorizing your outfits with jewelry is always a smart way to make them more unique. The beautiful thing about jewelry is that you can literally make a piece as personal to you as possible. You can find rings with your name engraved on them, lockets with people's photos in, or even things like thumbies print jewelry to remember a loved one who passed away. When you wear jewelry correctly, it can make a massive statement and transform the way an outfit looks. In turn, this will add more personality to the outfit, making it unique!

Make your own clothes

Yes, you don't get more unique than this! If you fancy a challenge, get some fabrics and different materials and make your own clothes. Or, refer back to the first idea and take some of your old clothes, using the materials from them to make new designs. Obviously, you need a certain level of skill to design clothing. However, anyone can do this! It will take some practice, but you might get the hang of it quickly and be able to make and design unique clothing. Alternatively, you can take existing clothing and add things to it. Add your own embroidery or stick different things to the clothes to turn them into something you wouldn't see in a shop. It's not technically making your clothes, but it's also not really the same as repurposing them. So, it sits somewhere in the middle of the two options!

See, there are a few simple little ways of taking your outfit and making it stand out from all the others out there. This can give you a bit of uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd!

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  1. The way you use the loundge wear on this outfit it is something I will not think. Really great look!!!!

  2. These are great tips for making style more personal. Love this outfit.

  3. Such a fun and spring like colour combo of pieces! :) I'm not good at making my own clothes but I do love a nice unique accessory! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a good weekend. The rain has stopped here so we went out to one of the unflooded trails in the neighbourhood yesterday :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. Moumous, great outfit! I really like your tie dye sweatshirt and pink joggers. And the way you have dressed them up is brilliant! I am a big fan of wearing clothing items not as they are intended! It definitely adds a bit of creative edge to your wardrobe if you can think outside the rules!


  5. yes- to me it was more a matter of "how do I make the jogger and sweatshirt fit into my personal style" lol


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