How to Choose Your Wardrobe Essentials (basics)

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Happy Thursday! I have been debating with myself which topic I should elaborate in today's post : I went from Black History Month to How to wear that oversize sweater vest trend to talking about self-confidence and self-belief. As Style coach, I do life coaching so I will eventually bring up the Self-belief topic, but at a later time. Of course, it means that I am working on something.... In the meantime, I want to go back and talk about Wardrobe Essentials one more time. But instead of providing you with a list of "Must-Have", let's look into the rationale that must come into play when you are picking up those essentials.

I do think the general concept of wardrobe essentials (i.e. a small core set of pieces that form the foundation of your entire style) can be beneficial. Specifically, figuring out your own wardrobe essentials can help you in two ways:
  1. Trying to condense your aesthetic and functional wardrobe needs into a small set forces you to be super clear about your style and the structure of your wardrobe.
  2. It will help you set priorities: Once you know your wardrobe essentials you can focus on curating them first and thereby make the greatest marginal difference to your wardrobe.

With that said, here's what you need to consider before you invest in your wardrobe essentials:
  1. Your lifestyle;
  2. Your color Palette (taking your seasonal colors into account);
  3. Your favorite proportions ( a certain combination of items, e.g. a uniform);
  4. Your body shape;
  5. Your style personality.
Remember that your own perfect set of essentials derives from your unique personal style and the structure of your wardrobe. The two main characteristics of wardrobe essentials are both their aesthetic and functional significance or, in other words, wardrobe essentials are the items in your closet that best convey your personal style and are an important component of many of your outfits. In fact, I think there are two distinct classes of wardrobe essentials, ‘basics’ and ‘key pieces’, that serve different functions within your wardrobe, but deserve an equal amount of attention.

Outfit Details
AT Sweater Vest, YT Pants @5emeavenue | Oversize button down shirt @champagne boutique | Handbag @Lilophia | Sunglasses @drippinginternational |
 Shoes @Khiani

So, what are your top 5 wardrobe essentials? I would love to know so comment below and let me know. My top 5 are: a white button-down, a pair of classic trousers, a blazer, my brown pointed toe heels and my brown satchel (basically my style uniform).

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  1. I love this!! Thank you for sharing!!

    XO, Ella

  2. Oh snap! I'm styling both a vest top and navy and white on the blog today. Great minds hun. You look fabulous in yours. x

  3. Moumous, I love this outfit! That striped sweater vest is really cool and those shoes are magnificent! My winter wardrobe basics are soft loose jeans, black leggings, combat boots, oversized sweaters, and beanie hats! Thanks for linking with me.


    1. Thank you Shelbee - I love oversized sweaters and beanie hats!

  4. I love your confidence in style tips and you look so polished and chic in this cute outfit...darling!

  5. What fun layering! Mum life means my wardrobe staples are easily remixable but most importantly machine washable, haha! We spend a lot of days a week at the playground or parks so I need comfort for that!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!
    Away From Blue

    1. Hello Mica, I like how simple you put it. It's important as a mom to find the perfect balance :-)

  6. I am not a fan of oversize piece because I think they do not flatter me.
    I am a button-down shirt, a pair of pants, jeans or skirt, a pointed toe heels or flat. I have many blazer on my collection but wear them rarely ( I can imagine you looking at me now, LOL.....)


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