A glimpse at Aby's 7th birthday & tips to throw a kid party on a budget

Hi everyone,

I enjoyed throwing parties for my kids. It is so rewarding and I also get to use my creative skills when it comes to bringing my daughter visions to life. This year's theme challenge was "Flamingo". With the pandemic and political instability, it was not an easy task to plan as I was not able to get my party supplies from Amazon but I managed to mix and match plenty of stuff from local party supplies stores to successfully complete the challenge The result:'' A mix of Flamingo & Hawaiian/Tropical theme" . With that said, Here's my 5 tips to throw nice and memorable parties on a budget for your toddlers & pre-teen.

1- Use the school as the venue
Ask the school for their permission (works mostly for preschoolers but I got lucky :-)) to throw the party in the classroom (or better yet on the playground) so that you don't have to worry about an adult friendly menu or drinks.

2- Serve kids favorite food 
Cheap yet effective. For this time around, I went for popcorn, hot dogs and mini pizza served with Apple juice and slurpees. 

3- Simple gift bags that make a difference 
Instead of a ton of plastics and candies, think of affordable stuff with great value that you can actually add to the gift bags that both parent and the actual recipient would actually enjoy. This year I went for summer hats perfect for those days by the beach and oversize sunglasses made of a solid material that will actually last and a few other things. 

4- Invest in re-usable decor items 
I have two backdrops that I use either for parties or for my personal stuff. I also stock up on plenty of colorful curtains and I also have a few wood pallet backdrops (I keep those to use at home). So I don't need to buy or rent anything for the decor other than balloons and maybe some confettis (you see my point).

5- Portable bluetooth speaker
Invest in a portable bluetooth speaker that you can easily carry around and paired with your phone to play some good music.

And yes - the little ones are the twins. I also had my in-law's with me and one of my nephews.

With all the savings, I always splurge on the cake :-). And this year, I added donuts. There you have it. Next year, I want to go on a picnic, I don't recall the theme I was asked for but I will eventually figure everything out. In the meantime, what are your tips to throw affordable kids parties? Comment below and let me know.
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  1. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun. We really didn't do a theme for anyone this past year but usually when I do I try to make as much as I can and make take away treats that kids will use.

    1. good Mireille - Aby is used to theme parties- so she picked one every year without having to ask. She also does the same for her twin's sibblings lmao

  2. What a fun and colourful party theme! it's nice you were able to throw the party at school! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!
    Hope you're having a good weekend :) It's a relaxing and quiet one here.

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you Mica. Yes, I was lucky that the school accepted but I guess there isn't much to do nowadays so they were happy to welcome me and my craziness :-)

  3. Moumous, I love these tips and ideas for budget birthday parties! And what a lovely theme you have chosen for Aby's party. I love all the bright and cheerful colors! My little guy turns 8 in a few weeks and we have not even begun to plan something. Everything is still much too locked down here. So I imagine we will be keeping things small and simple again this year. Happy, happy birthday to Aby!

    1. Happy early Birthday to your son Shelbee. I hope that you will have fun. No matter how small or big you celebrate them they are always happy:-)

  4. Great party!!!! I do see your in laws in some picture :-)


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