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Happy Saturday! I spent hours trying to come up with a topic to write about but nothing came out of my tired brain. I was about to give up then  I had the brillant idea to feature one of my baby sister's (actually my sister in-law) writings. She's 23 and started documenting her journey of becoming a stronger and better version of herself. Don't hesitate to visit and follow her blog Karo's Little Corner. For today's post, 10 tips to practice gratitude everyday.

"Here’s a list of things that you and I could do to be more thankful, starting today

Before we begin, many of you might be confused by my use of words. Gratitude and thankfulness are almost the same thing but with a slight difference. Being thankful is a feeling whereas being grateful is an action.
1. Show love to your closed ones. I always say this to people I meet. You should always show love to everyone around you because no one knows when they will leave this earth. Everyday might be our last day. Always tell people you love and appreciate them. Some of us don’t like showing emotions. You could just send a ❤ emoji to your closed ones and they will understand.
2. Always say thank you. There are two types of people that I cannot get along with : people who can’t say good morning and the ones who never say thank you. You should always thank others for the things they do for you, as simple as it may be. Thank you shows our appreciation and convey our attitude. Most importantly it is a sign of respect. My father always say ” Mèsi vle di banm ankò ” which is creole for “thank you means give me more”. When you say thank you, you trigger the other person to do it again.
3. Focus your attention on what’s good. You will never be thankful if you keep thinking about the bad side of things. Some people are like that, they always see the negative in everything. They are always complaining and they never appreciate anything. My brother always say that I should stop saying “what if”. Don’t make up scenarios, see the good in everything.
4. Thank yourself. Gratitude doesn’t always need to be focused on what other people have done for you! Sometimes you have to thank yourself for the good things happening in your life. You’ve made it to your dream college? You’ve bought your first car? You’ve been accepted for a job? Thank yourself for the hard work and dedication.
5. Live in the moment. Like I mentioned above we should not worry about the “what ifs”. Take a moment, breath and enjoy every single moment like it’s our last day, whether it’s alone or with people. Do not think about tomorrow. Most moments of happiness are short. Don’t ruin it by trying to overthink things.
6. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. To be really grateful you have to imagine yourself in someone else’s position. For example, in order to be grateful for your parents or children ask yourself what would you have done, how would you feel if it was you who had lost someone during the pandemic or who had been in a car accident etc…. Then you will see the value of life and appreciate every moment with your own people. I know it’s hard to say that and there are other scenarios possible but it makes you open your eyes on your blessings.
7. Give back. I know one way to be grateful in life is to give back to the ones around you i.e your community. If you grew up in a place where water isn’t accessible or if you see that your neighborhood needs a trash can and you have the possibility to change that DO IT. If you see people around you struggling for something and you have it, give it to them. This is the place where you grew up, help the people as much as you can. I learned how to play the guitar by myself and there was a time where I used to teach two little girls who live in my area for free. It’s not much but it’s something.
8. Have a gratitude journal. I wonder if people still buy or use journals but anyways we have our smartphones now. As a weekly activity, you can try to list three things you were grateful for during the week. This will help you to keep track of your journey on being a more grateful person. There are a few gratitude journal apps available on your appstore that you can use for this matter.
9. Be positive. I already have an article on this that I will add the link below so I’m not going to elaborate on that. Don’t let negative thinking get the best of you. Always see the bright side!
10. Stay hydrated. Water is the key element to stay healthy whether it’s for the hair skin nails mind etc…. Do not forget to drink your water. Buy a bottle and focus on drinking one bottle or more everyday. By doing so you’ll be thankful for having clean water meanwhile others struggle to find even one drop to wet their tongue.

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Click here to check out the full article and for more inspirational posts. I am so proud of the quality of her work and I think you might just enjoy the reading as much as I do. Comment below and let me know your thoughts. Should I feature her more often on the blog?

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  1. Like the idea of featuring more often Karo's Little Corner on your blog. I will definetely check her

    1. Yeah - me too. Will do that more often. Let her know you are visiting from LaMoumous :-).

  2. It's more important than ever to practice gratitude! Wonderful advice. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    1. Indeed Emma, Being grateful makes us more appreciative of life. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I started using a journal last year and love it! I worked through a book of 100 days of gratitude prompts and recently blogged about it. These are great tips.

    1. Thank you Fonda, I will look for your blogpost. I want to read it.


  4. Beautiful words of advice and gorgeous outfit, too, Moumous! I really love these photos! I am heading over to check out your sister-in-law's blog now! Thanks for linking with me!


    1. Hello Shelbee- Thank you for visiting my Karo's blog. She will surely appreciate it.


  5. What a cute orange knit! I agree, it's so important to acknowledge our blessings, we have so many things to be grateful for every day! :) I don't keep a journal or anything like that but I'm always appreciating adn being thankful for the people and things in my life that I love!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you had a great weekend :) We managed to spend a lot of time outdoors which was fun :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you Mica. Being appreciative and thankful are definitely what matter most.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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