5-ish trends I would not wear this Spring/Summer 2021

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Happy Tuesday! I hope you are doing well. In the previous post, I talked about the trends that we are expecting to see this Spring/Summer 2021 as well as those we know are not going anywhere anytime soon such as the leather trend that I decided to add a few pieces in my wardrobe other than the classic perfecto. I am happy to see that I will be able to incorporate plenty of trends in my everyday look just by shopping in my closet. Let's take a look at a few trends that I look forward to wearing and some not so much.

Trends that I will be wearing this Spring:
  1.  Yellow and camel : Perfect combo for my skin complexion;
  2. Something blue : I purchased a duck blue mini clutch last year that I will certainly make good use in the coming days;
  3. Leather Clothing: I recently added a few leather pieces in my wardrobe that I intend to keep in my Spring/Summer wardrobe;
  4. Head scarves : Over loose curls and a pair of sunnies for a sunny summer day
  5. White shoes and clothes: You can't go wrong with white :-)
  6. Bold floral prints: Prints can enhance the silhouette which is one of my goal when I dress as I am a size 0.
  7. flared / wide leg pants: If you have been following along, you know that I am a fan of wide leg pants. High waisted wide leg pants with heels balance my proportion and create the illusion that I am taller than I am actually is.

5 Trends that I won't wear:
  1. Oversize shoulder pad boyfriend jackets : too petite for that trend. They will swallow me up;
  2. Fringing on the bag: Nothing against it but I do not like it enough to justify an investment;
  3. Sorbet pastel colors : Colors not suitable for my complexion;
  4. Black mask : Too boring;
  5. Bra top: mixed feelings about this one.   

Outfit Details
Sweater, Leather pants @lilophia | handbag, shoes @khiani  
 Sunglasses, hat  @glamurboutique 

Are you still quarantining? If so, how is it going for you? Are you now accustomed to your new routine. Otherwise, what fashion trends are you looking forward to wear? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. Love the gorgeous hat and bag! A nice way to incorporate a bold color.

  2. oh so many spring trends I would wear too! I like the idea of yellow and camel and white shoes and clothes!
    I also really love the pants you are wearing! Been looking for something similar for the longest time!

    Life is a Shoe

    1. Thank you :-). I wasn't even looking for things to shop when I came across those joggers. I had to have them lol

  3. These leather joggers are amazing, Moumous! What a fabulous outfit. I really enjoyed reading which trends you are embracing and which ones are not for you. I honestly don't even think I pay much attention to trends and just wear what I like...sometimes I am trendy, sometimes not so much! Great post. Thanks for linking!


    1. thank you Shelbee .... I feel you on the trend! Bottom line you should wear what makes you happy :-)

  4. Fabulous pop of pink! And how cool are the leather joggers. Thanks for linking at #WowOnWednesday

  5. The pops of pink are so fun with this outfit! :)
    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From Blue

  6. Reading your post informed me about the trends since I am not paying attention to was it trendy or not. I love the black mask and the leather clothing. Not my cup of tea the flared/wide leg pants, oversize shoulder pad boyfriend jackets, fringing on the bag (remember it was a a mode in the past) and the bold floral prints.

    1. lol- but bold florals would look good on you...

  7. There are so many trends that I wouldn't and don't go near. I agree with you on bra tops which can only really be done by a gal with itty bitties (not that there's anything wrong with having small breasts). I also don't like slide sandals which are predicted to be hot this coming spring/summer. To each their own.


    1. indeed Rena- to each their own and I am not a fan of slide sandals neither lol


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