12 Reasons I am grateful Today

Hi everyone,

And I am back right in time to see the end of 2020 and to wish you the very best for 2021. As I expected, the month of december was very busy for me. I am grateful for all the opportunities that came my way in 2020 despite everything that is happening in the world right now. I can definitely testify that a positive attitude is the key to drive good energy and positivity into your life.

Enough about me, I missed you ladies (guys) so much that I can't wait to know about what you have been up too? How was Christmas for you and your loved ones? I hope you made the best of it. We are so lucky to be alive and healthy that we should no longer take life for granted. I love being alive and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to see my kids grow old.

I began my gratitude practice a couple years ago, at a time when I desperately needed help seeing the good in my life. Selfishness had left me blind to the incredible gifts the Universe had given me. The more I focused on what I wasn’t grateful for,the less I focused on doing the things I loved. More than ever, I am now focusing on the important people in my life and the many gifts I had to share with others.

Today I am grateful for: 
  1. The breath in my lungs;
  2. My hard-working heart;
  3. The food that fuels my experience;
  4. The ever-present opportunity to make better decisions than my last;
  5. My brain and memory that allow me to learn from mistakes;
  6. The freedom to make unlimited mistakes on my road to self-improvement;
  7. The endless supply of wisdom people and books provide;
  8. The natural talents I was born to share;
  9. The challenges that allow me to grow;
  10. The accomplishments that have improved me life;
  11. The Fresh start I am given everyday;
  12. Last but not least my family and friends who love me dearly.

Outfit Details
Slip dress @industrybyChampagne | Turtleneck top @laflowboutique
Handbag @lilophia| Beret and sunglasses @Glamurboutique

I know you were probably expecting me to chit chat a bit more about what I have been up (and it's coming soon) to but I find it more appropriate to express my gratitude on the last day of the year. So what are you grateful for? Comment below and let me know: How have you been? How was your Christmas time? And What are you grateful for?

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  1. Merci Moumous pour la personne que tu es ma belle ! J'ai appris beaucoup de toi et je continue d'apprendre. Merci pour tout !!!

    1. Toujours un plaisir babe, Je te souhaite du succès pour 2021 et que tu t'y mets pour concrétiser tes rêves. XO

  2. Moumous, another beautiful post! These are all such wonderful things to be grateful for! I have been focusing on gratitude and perspective very much this past year and will continue that focus going forward. I love this silver slip dress outfit and your fun yellow beret! You look absolutely magnificent, my friend. Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you Shelbee, I notice that the universe is more generous when we appreciate what we have. Gratitude is everything. Beret is more your thing but I think I've done pretty good :-). XoXo,

  3. I love the turtleneck under the dress! You look so cute!

  4. I am grateful for the Lord and my life as well as my husband and my son. I am so grateful we didn't end up with Covid-19 like a friend did. I am also grateful for a New Year and finding cute blogs like yours to follow and learn from. I love your dress and the cute hat.

    1. Hello Glenda, Glad to read that you and your family are safe and glad to virtually meet you. XO,

  5. I've been focusing on the good things too which are a lot like yours!

    1. Great to read Mireille. Focusing on the good things and practicing gratitude are the best attitude to have. XO

  6. Nice outfit hun, thanks for sharing on the link up. Jacqui x

  7. Such fun and interesting layering! Hope you had a lovely start to the new year and a great Christmas time! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From Blue

  8. We had a wonderful Christmas with family. I am grateful that the bulk of our family lives close enough that we can see them all the time-- pandemic or not.

    1. That's Great Joanne. You are very fortunate. Xo,


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