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My last post was all about my disappointment on the lack of creativity fashion wise for this coming fall. I know that some of you might say I have no mercy with everything  that is happening in the world right now but honestly it has been a disappointment - way before COVID-19. Since I am in a good mood, I went back and tried to identify some of the trends I can see me wearing this fall while we are struggling to accomodate to the new "normal life". So for today here's my top 10 picks.

  • The Preppy look : A mix of 80's & 90's style - I love a preppy look. double breasted plaid blazers, turtleneck with a tie around the neck etc... 
  • Equestrian : The perfect polished look for Fall. If you live in the mountain or plan on doing some outdoor activities in the mountain then get ready for some amazing IG perfect pictures. Although this trend is a continuity of Fall 2019, it has evolved to become less cowgirl and more Connecticut.
  • Cropped Blazers : It's been an on and off trend for years now. It's a very nice alternative for a short torso figure and petite silhouette. I have a long torso but I am also petite so the trick to find the perfect cropped blazers for me it's to shop regular size instead of petite.
  • Ribbed Details: Back to the 90's. The ribbed sweaters are back :-). Or you can simply get any of your closet pieces ribbed.
  • Skirt Suits: Not so classic suit: cropped blazers with mini skirt, oversized blazer with long skirt and everything is between.
  • Top Colors: Brown leather and all the rich tones: burgundy, deep orange (burnt orange), rich chocolate brown colors, olive green (it was about time :-)), the civilian blue and jewel tones are still there. So if you have a cool undertone go for jewel tones and if you have a warm undertone try the rich autumn colors (beware if you are a Spring). Also, monochromatic looks are still in style: mostly using gray, cream/vanilla colors...
  • Loose Jeans: 90's again and my favorite piece of denim. I am not a skinny jeans girl. I am more a classic trousers type of girl - same goes for jeans. So no complaint.
  • Flat Boots : Not a fan but I think they work pretty well with the trends mentioned above. I will personally stick to my classy high heeled boots but they look nice.
  • Chunky Soles: same comment.
  • Chain Accents : mixed feelings about this trend but I can see how I can play around with it.

Outfit details
Dress @laclasseboutique | Shoes Schutz (similar
Sunglasses (similar) | Handbag (similar)

So what are the fall trends you want to add in your wardrobe? Personally, I have enough in my wardrobe to recreate most of the looks I listed here. I just need one light brown moto jacket - I have been on a hunt for the perfect shade for quite some time. I will probably also add a suede jacket in one of these trendy colors. Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. The skirt suit combinations of cropped blazers with mini-skirts and of long blazers with maxi-skirts sound very classy, fashionable and attractive.
    I LOVE the floral print, colours and tailoring of the dress you were wearing in the photographs above!!!
    It's beautiful, and you look beautiful wearing it!!!!!!

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    1. skirt suit combinations are indeed very classy and fashionable :-).
      Thank you :-)

  2. This dress looks gorgeous on you! And I enjoyed reading your fall trend finds! Glad I kept my brown corduroy jacket even though I didn't wear it for at least 2 seasons. It sounds like it'll be perfect this year!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle's Corner

    1. Thank you Ellibelle - Shopping your closet is the best option for this fall :-).

  3. Really fashion tips are very helpful for me your all tips are nice.
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  4. I am glad to see chunky shoes making a comeback as I always found them to be quite comfortable. It'll be interesting to see how they've changed since my high school/college days.

    1. lol Joanne :-). Some of them are identicals but others are a little more polished. I hope you'll have fun styling them. Xo

  5. Great dress and thanks for the tips! Lise

  6. I'm glad you lined up the trends for us. I think I'm going to make a skirt suit and I've been seeing a lot of corduroy which reminds me of ribbing (not the same, but anyway).

    1. You welcome Kim. I hope you will have fun styling them. I will personally be rocking the maxi skirt suit trend for fall :-)

  7. Such a beautiful dress, Moumous! This color is radiant on you. And there a lot of 90's trends making their way back which I love! But I am trying not to add too many new things because I have enough stuff! Thanks for linking up with me.


    1. Thank you Shelbee - We are back to the 90's and I am loving it. I am with you on not trying to add new pieces into my wardrobe. I think I have plenty of items that I can use to replicate some of those trends :-)

  8. What a fun yellow dress! Looks so cute on you! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  9. Such a gorgeous dress! I love the contrast of the turquoise shoes and bag! To be honest, I haven't really paid much attention to any trends coming through for A/W, I tend to wear whatever takes my fancy on any given day. That said, I've bought some long off-white boots and a couple of polka dot tops. I have so many clothes already I shouldn't buy any more but the sales are hard to resist! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  10. Such a pretty dress, I love the design and button detail. You look so lovely! I may not be going wit the trends this year, but more for basics that are missing from my closet.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  11. You look fabulous in this floral yellow print dress. Adore the shoes and bag you paired this look with. Thank you for sharing these great fall trends. I am a big fan of the Equestrian look.



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