5 "Must Know" everyday Style Rules

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Happy Thursday! I hope you are doing fine. Kids are back to school and I am now trying to find my way with this new "back to normal" life. Not that I am complaining because I am so happy that the kids are back to school mostly for the twins. They have been specially restless for the past few weeks. Anyway, I always enjoy sharing style tips with you ladies and  lately I have been doing so a lot.  So if at any stage you feel confused by all the information I have been sharing simply focus on the following 5 basic tips. They will make your life so much easier. Also, please remember to always be you, do you as much as you are happy. However, those tips would help if sometimes you wake up in the morning and you don't have anything to wear, or you have a lot of clothing pieces in your wardrobe and still don't know what to wear or how to wear them. I hope that today's post can help you improve your everyday getting dressed experience.

1- The 80/20 Rules
You should spend 80% of your budget on your basics and 20% on the trends. I know most of the time is the other way around. But you definitely need to think about investing in good quality basics that fit your body shape, then you can play around with trends. Remember that you can also be creative with your basics by getting them in a more trendy style rather than going fully classic.

2- The Rule of 1
One skin rule:
If you are showing up arms and cleavage cover-up at the bottom and vice-versa. Of course, depending on the occasion you can definitely show some cleavage as well as some leg. Just think about the balance. Here's an example (found another one here) where I decided to show some skin. The idea is to keep it classy and sophisticated, not trashy or tasteless.

One Color Rule:
If you love to wear black (or other neutral color) all the time just because you are not sure how to wear color. You can add a pop of color by adding just one bright colored piece of clothing to bring some life to your outfit. For example: you can wear a dark denim with a white or nude top, nude shoes with a true red blazer (same rule goes for prints). Check out this post to visualize the concept.

One Trend Rule:
I will explain this with an example. Check out 2 of my most recent posts (here, here). Those are pretty much very basic and classic looks elevated by one statement piece, a statement blazer, and a trendy Trench poncho. So for each outfit, I simply went with one statement/trend piece and the outfits became automatically very trendy and stylish. 

3- Dress your body shape
Dressing your body shape definitely makes it easy for you to dress up everyday. A good understanding of your body (and the colors that make you look great) help you determine what to wear and what not to wear thus what to buy or not to buy for an uncluttered closet.

4- Style Uniform
The style uniform it's a combination that you know fits you well and makes you feel confident at all times so that whenever you are unsure about what you want to wear you just go for your style uniform. Of course, you can vary your color combinations, shoes etc... I did explain my style signature. You can click here to check it out. I would say I have 3 style uniforms: classic dresses/jumpsuits with or without blazers (1), button down shirts with classic trousers or jeans (2), classic trousers or jeans with a cute top and blazer (3). So what's your signature style or style uniform?

5- Take care of your clothes
Don't just throw your clothes all together in a washing machine and not pay attention to the colors you are mixing together and care instructions will simply destroy your clothes and eventually, you will never find clothes to wear because nobody wants to wear damaged clothes. I recently did a post on that topic. It's available here.

Outfit Details
Top (similar) | Handbag (similar) | Shoes (same)
Jeans (here) | Sunglasses (similar)
Dainty Jewelry (options)

I hope you find those tips useful. I think it's pretty much summarizing most of the style tips provided on this blog for the past year :-).  Please share your feedback on the comment section below and let me know what I am missing.

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  1. The style uniform concept is interesting! I’ve found my personal style has changed a lot since I’ve retired. For 15 years I wore scrubs to work, then after that it was business casual. With work removed from consideration, I’ve found that my wardrobe is getting more colorful.

    And the red top you are wearing is fabulous!


    1. Your lifestyle definitely have a huge impact on how you dress and your personal style.

      Thank you Michelle

  2. It's a nice summary: very concise and helpful!

    1. Thank you Mireille :-). Glad this article can help:-)

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  4. Wow you look stunning in these pics. The outfit perfectly suits you. Let me know if you need the
    app to showcase it.

  5. Moumous, I love this top so much! Red looks so great on you. What a fabulous outfit. And these tips are so great, too! Are your kids back to school 5 days a week? We only had the option of 2 days a week and I am trying to take full advantage of those 2 days to get my stuff done. It is stressful at best! Thanks for linking up!


    1. Well, not only we are fully back to school I was surprised to see that we are fully back to normal... Hoping that we don't have to go back quarantining again :-). Sending you positive vibes...

  6. What a fun red top! I like it with the leopard heels :)

    Hope you had a great weekend :) Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From Blue

  7. Great post! You look fabulous!

    Edwige |

  8. Thank you so much for beautiful information to us. I hope you will sharing the more information with us. Please keep sharing.

    Beauty & Fashion Tips

  9. This top is soooo gorgesou! I love the peplum and dramatic hem!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  10. Never think about the style uniform concept: really good tip! The bag :-)

    1. It's very effective :-) but you don't seem to need one (lol)


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