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Back to school is right around the corner, if it hasn't knocked at your door already. This pandemic creates a lot of chaos and we are just trying to make the most of it not to lose our mind or the time that is passing by and is never coming back. With that said, schools and the Ministry of Education are doing their best to recover as much as possible therefore some children are already going to school for 2 weeks now, some are still waiting for their turn while others plan on continuing online schooling. If you are a parent that has children that are physically going back to school then this post might be able to help - hoping that it doesn't come too late. 

Personally, my go to place for back to school shopping is AMAZON. I enjoyed the fact that everything I need is somewhat available. With 3 kids and the fact that I love planning and getting everything under control (so no room for last minute), 4 years I came up with an ultimate checklist that helps me shop and ensure that I don't miss anything. So here's more or less what I shop for every school year. I believe it's the ultimate back to school shopping list for kindergarten and primary schools.

1- School uniforms: Shirts, polos, t-shirts, skorts/skirts, dress/overall, pants and shorts. 
If it's not provided by the school or if just like me, they only provide part of it - in my case the polos with school logos, then you need to get ready. My favorite brand to shop for school uniforms is French Toast followed by The Children Place. 

2- Shoes, tennis shoes...
My favorite brands are "Stride Rite", "Pediped"  and  "See Kai Run"  in that order. I tried the classic Adidas and the Converse couple years ago and they did not make it to half of the school year. So I stick to what is working. This year, Aby wanted some Converse imitations with printed unicorns on them and I couldn't resist some of Carter's selection for boys....

Shop for shoes here, here , here and here

3- Backpack, Lunchbox, duffer bag, nap mat ...
If you read last year back to school post, you already know all of this specially that I am a huge fan of Pottery Barn backpack and lunchbox. Last year I decided to try a new brand but unfortunately between political instabilities and this pandemic, I wasn't able to test them. So I'll wait and see the result, for this year only my first born will get a brand new Kipling. Don't forget the lunchbox supplies: water bottles (juice and milk) and containers for snacks.

Shop for backpack here, duffle bag here, nap mat here and lunchbox accessories here

4- Accessories: underwear, undershirts, socks and face masks

Shop for kids underwear, undershirt , facemask, socks

5- Outwear: sweater,  sweater vest, jacket, raincoat and umbrella

Shop for kids outwear here, here, here and here

6- Miscellaneous: First aid kit, SPF for kids, wipes, toiletry bag, hand sanitizers...

Also, please remember to make sure that your children have their prescription with them along with clear instructions how to take them. Last but not least, remember to notify the school of any allergies). It is also recommended to make a list of what you need for after school activities. My first born goes have ballet, swimming lessons and tennis and I am planning on introducing the twins this year starting January after that they turn 3 in most of those activities. So you should plan accordingly.

I hope this post did not come too late and that it can be of some sort of help. Comment below and let me know what else do you add in your back to school shopping list. Please note that above is based on my children age: 6 years & 2 years old. School supplies are not included as school will provide you with an accurate list of what you need for the school year.

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  1. So many cute things! I might check the face masks as my kids have to wear them in the hallways. They are on a hybrid schedule with in school two days a week and started this week. They were excited!

    1. Mine are back full time but with weird schedule and a lot of changes ...SMH

  2. This is a wonderful checklist!


  3. Great list of back to school items! I just ordered some back to school shoes and underwear and socks for my kids on Amazon. I hadn't even thought to look there for other school supplies though. I keep adding to my Amazon cart every day! It is super convenient. Thanks for sharing this list and linking up with me, Moumous!


    1. Thank you Shelbee.... My Amazon cart is always full... The struggle is real...


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