Youthful Beauty Emanates From Your Neck Up


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Every single woman deserves to have her essence captured in her beauty. A great smile, bright eyes, glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and plump lips are all the things that we want to be perfected in us. But could this be too much pressure? Could we be demanding too much from ourselves? Well, if we keep trying to do too much, then yes. On the other hand, if we look towards our youth, what were the things that made us look young? It was, not having lines on our neck and forehead. We have simple yet smooth slips. Our skin was even smoother and our hair was simple but so bouncy. What can we do to capture our youthful beauty once more?


A bright, aligned smile 

We’ve all heard of the American smile or ‘Hollywood smile’. Bright white teeth, in line with each other, giving you a perfect grin and alluring quality. But little do most people know, they aren’t actually true to life because more people have greyish teeth. This is because our enamel wears away naturally and what’s left behind is a grey and or yellow bare layer underneath. It's also difficult to have aligned teeth because our teeth aren’t all the same shape and nor do they emerge at the same time. Thankfully, we can have the best smile possible because companies like DFY Dental offer porcelain dental veneers. They are thin ‘shells’ which slide over your teeth and match them perfectly in shape and size. They are very comfortable and are less invasive than many other alternatives.


Healthy bouncy hair is natural? 

Yes, bouncy hair is actually natural for most people. The issue is our lifestyle and culture demands that we wash our hair every day. This inevitably causes our hair to become dry and frizzy. What we’re doing is washing away the natural oils and protein that our body naturally creates for our hair to be shiny, lubricated, and bouncy. So, a dry shampoo that you leave-in is the way to go to enhance our beauty. Badlands dry shampoo paste is a highly recommended product because it's consistency allowed it to be spread with just a little bit of water. So when you get out of the shower while your hair is wet. Half dry it and then apply this kind of dry shampoo. Leave it in and it will dry on its own without needing a second wash. 

Youthful skin is no secret 

Have you ever just had to tap a stranger on the shoulder and ask them how they got their skin to be so youthful, bright, and smooth? Don’t be that woman, it's so embarrassing for the both of you. Just joking! But seriously, it's no secret. All you need to do is to exercise regularly and apply a serum to your face. This is a type of face cleaning product, which cleans your pores and stops excessive natural oils from building up on the skin. 

Your youthful days are not past you. With these remedies, you can turn back the clock and attain your natural beauty back.

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  1. Great post, Moumous! Lots of water and proper hydration works wonder for our skin and hair! Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.


    1. indeed- at least 3 liter of water per day!

  2. Thanks for sharing Moumouss!

  3. Never thought about neck being important, interesting post! :)

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    Away From Blue

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