16 Things in Your Closet You Should Get Rid of Right Away

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I got quite a few feedbacks from one of my recent posts "How to Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe",  saying how difficult it can be to clean up your wardrobe. Consequently, I thought of sharing a few pointers that can help you in that sense. If you are tired of seeing an overstuffed wardrobe every time you open up your closet. And if you have a lot of items but constantly have nothing to wear; it is definitely time to clean out and prune your wardrobe so it only has your best and most favorite pieces. And since getting rid of clothes is hard, I am sharing 16 tips that will help you figure out what to toss and what to keep. So get your donation bag ready and let's get started.

Be prepare to let go of:

1- Anything that doesn't fit
If it doesn't zip all the way, makes it hard to breathe, gives you camel toe, or makes it hard for you to raise your hands, out it goes. 

2- Anything that is no longer your style
If your aesthetic has evolved, don't be afraid to toss out the pieces that no longer work. 

3- Anything you wouldn't want to buy right now
Turn your wardrobe into a boutique and pretend you're buying the pieces you're organizing. Would you re-purchase that dress? If the answer is no then you know what to do.

4- Anything that doesn't make you love your body
In order to make sure you don't hate on your body more than you have to, toss out anything that makes you grumble about your silhouette. In order to make sure you don't hate on your body more than you have to, toss out anything that makes you grumble about your silhouette. 

5- Anything that is broken and unfixable 
If you have a zipper on a dress that snags, a buckle on a jacket that broke, or the base of a shoe that's falling out, toss it. Unless you're going to take them to the tailor this week, chances are you're never going to get to it and just let it hang for ages in the back of your closet.

6-  Anything gifter you have no intention to wear
if you don't like it, bag the guilt and get rid of it.

7- Anything you think you should own
Whether it's a trend, closet staple, or a popular piece you see women everywhere wearing, if you don't have fun styling it then it has no business cluttering up your wardrobe.

8- Anything you accidently bought and want to replace it
Sometimes when there's a new trend out, we buy it without thinking of what we want from it. So if you have a piece or 2 of those items in your closet, it's time to let go.

9-  Anything that makes you feel nervous
If something makes you feel uncomfortable and unconfident wearing it then it has no business in your outfit rotation. 

10- Anything you haven't worn for the past year
If there are pieces in your closet that you haven't worn in the past 12 months, you need to admit that you hate them and have no intention of wearing them other than guilt. 

11- Anything you've only worn once
It might hurt the heart to admit, but sometimes we make mistakes shopping and spend money we'll never get back. But that doesn't mean you have to punish yourself by keeping it.

12- Anything you once loved
It's okay to move on from pieces in your closet - that's why wardrobes are always rotating. If you've grown bored of an item, the answer is simple: Get rid of it.

13- Anything that no longer fit your lifestyle
If you have clothes from a past life in your wardrobe, it's okay to admit that things are no longer how they used to be and replace them. 

14- Anything you are holding onto because they cost you
Just because there's something expensive in your closet doesn't mean you have to force yourself to wear it even though you don't want to.

15- Anything you have no idea how to pull it off
You might have had the best of intentions buying that tricky trend, but if you still have no idea a couple of months later on how to actually rock it, then maybe it's time to give it away.

16- Anything that doesn't work with anything in your wardrobe
If you have to buy a whole outfit just to wear that one piece out once, it might be more fuss than it's worth- Just toss it.

Outfit details
Dress @luminescence | Shoes (here) | 
Sunglasses (similar)

So do you have any of those pieces in your closet? If so, comment below and let me know how do you feel about getting rid of it (them). Also, do you have any additional tips you think might help decluttering a challenging closet? I personally found 30 but I narrowed it down to 15-ish. 

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  1. My problem is I have been too ruthless getting rid of stuff! I donated several pieces to charity shops when they didn't fit any longer, but then I lost weight and regretted it. So I'd advise people to maybe put clothes that don't fit in the attic, in case they find they can wear them again in the future. Great tips Iris.

    1. Thank you Gail - And I totally agree with you. I lost 60 Lbs - so new wardrobe - but I did save my best pieces just in case.

  2. I am attached to my stuff so getting rid of it, it's hard for me except bags :-)
    Great tips!

  3. These are really great tips! I'm so bad at parting with anything, but looking at things a little more objectively would be so much conducive for sorting out what I no longer love xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. I feel you - I'm not that good at it either. It is a whole journey... Xo,

  4. Sometimes I move clothes that I'm unsure about into an unused closet, then after awhile, if I still haven't worn them, I get rid of them. I need to go check that closet today after reading your post and clean out! And then add a new batch of stuff I never wear into that safe space so I can comfortably get rid of it in a few months too. :) Thanks for the nudge.

    1. I like the fact that you put them aside for a while for you to decide if it's a keep or toss...

  5. Sounds like I have some work to do! Visiting you from the hello monday link up.

    1. Hi Lauren- Welcome :-). I'm glad you were able to find some useful tips. Xo,

  6. I really like the tip about anything that you wouldn't buy right now.

  7. Unusual and oh so pretty. Thanks for sharing on the #linkup Jacqui x

  8. This dress is so unique and fun! I love the colors. I am in the process of doing a major clean out and it is hard to throw away clothes! For me, at least. I think I have weird attachment issues or something. Haha. But I have been trying everything on and if it doesn't make me feel great, out it goes! Thanks for linking up!


    1. I also like to hold on to things .... everything in my closet has a story ... So hard to say good by Shelbee lol.

  9. I haven't been able to stick to that "if you haven't worn it in a year" rule, with pregnancies and breastfeeding and my extended maternity leaves - I think once my life is a bit more predictable and routine it will be easier to see what doesn't get worn after a year, but with so much change going on it's easy to see reasons why things that haven't been worn last year will get worn this year, haha!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From Blue

    1. One day at a time Mica - one day at a time ;-)


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