Summer Brunch: What to Wear?

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When it comes to casual catch-ups with friends, brunch is undoubtedly a favorite. After all, who doesn’t love debriefing with their besties about life, careers, and guys over coffee and croissants? Brunch is a meal eaten late in the morning that essentially combines both breakfast and lunch. It is a popular weekend activity for friends that generally takes place at cafes. A brunch outfit is an ensemble worn for this specific occasion. While there are no strict rules on what to wear to brunch, most ladies aim for a chic yet casual aesthetic with clothes that are comfortable and fashionable. So what should you wear to brunch?

So what should you wear to brunch? I would say anything just be mindful of the occasion: hanging out with friends, date brunch, office brunch...; venue: indoor- outdoor;  and dress code - you should be mindful of what you wear for an office brunch or if you are attending a brunch event with any specific dress code.

A summer brunch calls for an outfit that’ll keep you feeling cool and looking chic. As such, loose dresses, skirts and shorts made from lightweight materials make an excellent choice. To keep your look fun and fashionable as well as practical, embrace prints, bold colours and playful accessories. For a look that’s sure to get a lot of like of compliments, try teaming a floral maxi dress with espadrilles or slides, slim sunglasses and a straw bag. However, if you are feeling a little under the weather from the night before, the thought of getting dressed up for brunch isn't overly appealing. Go for a laid-back and chick look by wearing some sneakers, jeans and an oversized white button down tee. Alternatively, you can try a loose T-shirt dress or rock a pair of tracksuit pants with a stylish jacket over the top. Just remember to add some great accessories to nail the carefree and cool aesthetic.

So as a summary you can basically wear almost anything to a brunch just be considerate of the venue & dress code. A few ideas of what you can wear:
  1. Loose dresses;
  2. Cute skirts & cute tops;
  3. Shorts & cute tops;
  4. Maxi dresses or ;
  5. T-shirt dresses;
  6. Slip dresses;
  7. Tracksuit (jumpsuit);
  8. Jeans;
  9. Embrace prints, bold colors and playful accessories;
  10. Don't forget to add some great accessories.
You can also find more outfit ideas from previous post here, and here.

Outfit details 
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Of course my favorite goes to maxi dresses with bold colors,  prints and playful accessories. I also like jumpsuits and short sets.What do you like to wear to brunch? Comment below and let's have some fun. Hopefully, quarantine will be over soon.

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  1. A dress : slip or Tshirt, jumpsuit or go for a blouse and jeans (casual chic look). The dresses that you are wearing are colorful and scream "Summer"!!!!!

    1. Early bird - jeans for when you are not in the mood sis - lol

  2. Love love the brights!

  3. Those colours, so bright, so fun, so positive oh and so pretty, I would wear them to breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner :)

    1. Indeed - Brunch, Lunch and dinner - and the 1st dress can make it to a morning Spring/Summer wedding :-)

  4. Beautiful dresses! These bright colours look amazing on you! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  5. Brunch is my favorite--I could eat breakfast food any time of day I swear! These are such gorgeous dresses, I love that floral pleated one especially.

    1. Me too Shea - I love brunch everyday all day :-)

  6. That first dress is just stunning!

  7. Moumous, I love all 3 dresses! The colors and bold prints are so fabulous. Perfect for brunch or any other reason to hang out in style! Thanks for linking up.


  8. The floral dress is my favorite. They are all great. You can wear everything.

    1. Me too :-). the floral dress is my favorite :-)

  9. I love how colorful your style is, all of these looks are great!


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