4 Tips to remain productive while working at home

Hi everyone,

Almost 3 months since I have been working from home full time and I still manage to stay motivated. It's important for me to wake up in the morning and have a list of things to do on my nightstand that includes anything that I have to do for the office, the blog and my consultancy services. I am also multitasking since I'm also on social media (I believe I told you I was addicted to IG) and depending of what my Zoom meetings schedules look like, I am also homeschooling the children.

My go to outfit as I have children are shorts and tank top. this ensemble makes me feel young, stylish, a little sexy and very functional as I can easily turn it into a "video conference" approved outfit by adding on shirt, blazer or a cardigan on top of it and I'm good to go. I also like to wear long flowy dresses, cute little dresses, short skirts. One thing for sure, I am not a loungewear type of girl so no yoga pants or sweatpants and sweatshirts for me (I'm not a sweatpant kind of girl - lmao). Anyway, for today's post, I am sharing 4 tips to remain productive while working at home based on my personal experience. 

Tip 1:  Create “work” triggers for your brain: For me it's to wake up, workout, dress-up, light breakfast while checking my email. So I am automatically looking forward to get started. Another thing that helps since I have children all over the place is to establishing a designated workspace can help tell your brain you’re in the place where you do work productively.

Tip 2: Stay motivated with a list: As I said above, I always have a list of things to do by my bed. I won't stop until I put a check mark next to each of the tasks I plan on doing for the day (or at least the most important one). 

Tip 3: Make a schedule for everything : I have a pretty straight forward scheduled. First thing I'll do is email and blog link-ups, then I'll check on the kids homework while I am working. Once I'm done, I do whatever I feel like doing: reading, watching TV, play with the kids, working on sides projects and the list goes on and on :-)

Tip 4: Create a process for collaboration: It might seem like a solo experience but I usually still interact with people, whether it’s meeting with my team online, Zoom meeting with partners, conference calls with clients or basic administration follow-ups. I'm always on a schedule.

My current spot for my videos - still working on it to turn it into my little filming studio :-)

Are you still working from home or are you going to work full time or from time to time. What seem to work for you based on your schedule and workflow. Please comment below and let me know.

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  1. Since March 23, I am working from home full time. I manage to stay positive and motivate as well as helping people to cope with COVID-19 in either diagnosis, advice or where to seek for care.
    My remarks is that since the COVID-19 situation in the country, I do work much more than usual, going beyond the 8 to 5 shift. Waiting so bad for coronaa to go away :-(

    1. It's always like that- it's like you are putting on some guilt not being able to be in the office. It used to happen to me before - now it's worst. lol

  2. Moumous, you are so lovely sitting there in your home office! I think my first step to being more productive working from home is probably cleaning up my work space! My desk is a hot mess right now and I have been struggling terribly with homeschooling and getting my own work done. As a result, both are kind of failing! Ugh. I am going to take your tips to heart moving forward. Thank you for sharing them and linking up.


    1. Aby has her own mini office with a desk - and the twins used their picnic table...I can't do messy. Too much things to do. Keep things organized and my to-do list are my everything between my full time job, the blog, my personal new projects and consultancy services - the kids - I needed to find a proper routine. lol . Hope you can find your way :-)

  3. These are such great tips and you look fabulous in your work from home outfits. I too can't get motivated when wearing any type of loungewear, yoga pants etc. so need to be dressed in regular clothes ASAP in order to get on with my day. I really should start making "to do" lists more often, because there are always too many things to do on my mind and it's too hard to keep track of them that way.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle's Corner

    1. Finally someone who gets me. I don't get how loungewear and work can co-exist. lol

  4. Good tips! thanks for sharing! I used to work from home once a week before all this started, I've done that for a few years, so I have a nice routine. it's a lot easier to work from home now the kids are back in school too! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From Blue

    1. Ah lucky you Mica. I - too- used to work from home but not over 3 months straight :-).

  5. Thanks for the great tips. You've also inspired me to set up a video spot! :)


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