12 Summer Outfit Ideas inspired by my wardrobe

Hi Everyone,

Happy Tuesday! Something different to start Summer in style. I went through my closet and identified what 2020 summer trends or must-haves I can pull off with what I had available without having to go shopping. I cheated a little bit since I got a little sponsorship from Lilophia to get some pieces - not because I don't have them in my closet but because they are either too big or have been on the blog a few times already. I will try my best to give you some details as we go. So let's get right into it: 12 Summer Outfit ideas inspired by my closet.

1- SUMMER MUST-HAVE: Maxi Dress & hat @Lilophia

Everything else from my closet. I do own a few maxi dresses and they have been on the blog and IG quite often. I really like this one, the color and everything. Also, last week's post featured the hat that I would probably wear so I got this one - There you have it.

2-  SUMMER MUST-HAVE:  Linen shorts (short + Top) @lilophia 

Everything else from my closet. I felt in love with those shorts and had to have them. I also like the top. I got it to for another post coming up next week but it made it to this post as well :-)

3- SUMMER TREND: Denim Biker Shorts and light oversized blazer. 

I do not like the regular bike shorts. However, I am liking the vibe of the denim ones (those one from @lilophia). I tried this on and they fit perfectly. It's a Yes for me. Everything else from my wardrobe.

4- SUMMER TRENDS: The Linen short @lilophia, Cami & light linen blazer 

Just a more "dress to Impress look". Other than the shorts, everything else from my closet.

5- SUMMER TRENDS: Bermuda Shorts + Puffy off-shoulder top

Those linen bermuda shorts are at least 10 years old. I just can't recall the exact year that I got them but they are super old. Also too big for me, but I pin them in the back for the pictures 😅 (TMI?)

6- SUMMER MUST-HAVE: Linen Pants

I paired them here with a linen guayabera shirt. Can you tell I love linen? I thought the outfit was fun with the hat. I usually wear that shirt with denim but I like the effortlessly chic and classy  look paired with the flared linen pants.

7- SUMMER MUST HAVE: The White Dress

Doesn't it scream summer? Everything from my wardrobe.

8- SPRING/SUMMER TRENDS: The Slip Dress & white sneakers

It's cute but not a personal favorite but it's been a thing lately to wear slip dresses with sneakers and denim jackets. Everything from my closet.  

9- SUMMER TRENDS:  Retro Jumpsuit

Made out of a denim like material. I really like this jumpsuit. Already featured on the blog so of course, everything came from my wardrobe.


2-pieces outfit has been a trend lately. I got that 2-pieces about 3 years ago and it's one of hubby favorite outfit on me - Go figure :-).

11-  Spring/ Summer Trends: Bottom Bell Denim & snakeskin cami & oversized Blazer

Everything from my wardrobe.


Paired here with a light wash distressed denim my summer fedora hat and red backpack. Everything from my closet.

Also featured on my IGTV :

So what are the summer trends that you have in your wardrobe. Is there anything in particular that you would like to add. Also, which one (s) of the look (s) was (were) your favorite (s). For me it's easier for me to pick my least favorites: the slip dress with sneakers (I like my slip dress with heels and blazer) and the last one. I can't pick a favorite among the rest (minus 5 & 6). Comment below and Happy Summer!


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  1. You always look so classy! Wide legged flowy pants have beena personal favorite this summer!

    1. Thank you Mireille. I feel you. I always feel like a million $ when I'm wearing wide leg flowy pants :-)

  2. Love your shorts outfits, so very chic and this season,especially the one with the blazer!

    1. Thank you :-). I love shorts - they make me feel young :-)

  3. These are all such great summer outfits, but I especially love the bermuda shorts + yellow top!

    I hope you have a fabulous week!



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  4. My favorites: 4, 6, 7 and 12

  5. I literally love all these looks! Especially the linen shorts and white dress. So pretty!


    1. Thank you Tracy - I love the linen shorts too - they are a little too big for me but I did not return them lmao

  6. You have styled so many great trends, Moumous! I am loving the maxi dresses, the slip dress with sneakers, and all of your fun linen pieces! Well done, my friend. Thanks for linking up.


  7. I'm going to need to raid your closet because I love all the summer looks you put together!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

    1. Hey thank you :-). I'm waiting for you though :-)

  8. So many classy outfits!! Featuring your looks on my Style Six post today.

    1. Thank you Shelly for featuring me on Style Six last week :-)

  9. I LOVE the white dress! Thanks for giving me some great ideas. Also thank you for adding to #chicandstylish Jacqui x

  10. The printed white pant-top set is *gorgeous* I absolutely love it!


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