How to look expensive on a budget

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Happy weekend! I am glad it is weekend, although weekdays and weekends are similar, I can actually take a break from work and home schooling and focus more on personal projects. Anyway, today I want to talk about how to look expensive and put together on a budget. Do you want to dress like a million bucks, but think you can’t because you’re not rich? When you wear clothes that you love and fit well, you have confidence! Follow these tips to look expensive while on a budget:

1- Wear neutral color 
Neutrals are balanced shades that don't compete with anything else, making them particularly useful as a base. They work well with other colors by complimenting them, but they can also be worn independently to make a statement.

2- Monochromatic look
Dressing monochromatically can not only make you look very put together but will also make you appear taller and slimmer because a monochromatic outfit creates one seamless line from head to toe. Try it and see! 

3- Add a blazer
Throwing a blazer on top of any cheap or casual outfit will definitely take it to another level instantly making you look more chic and polished. For a stylish look, try partnering a suit jacket with slim-fit, blue jeans, a white shirt and suede loafers.

4- Wear clothes that fit
Having your clothes professionally tailored is an easy, affordable way to achieve a more flattering appearance. Tailoring and alterations can make a business suit look even sharper and gives casual attire that extra edge that earns the right kind of attention.

5- Pointed toe shoes (flats or heels)
Women who wear flats or heels that are pointed have a look that screams expensive. Neutral or nude are popular colors that go with everything.  They are considered wardrobe essentials. But you can also go with a statement pair of pointed toe heels (like red or orange :-))

6- Structured handbag
Carrying a structured bag will make you look poised and polished. Stayed away from those big tote bags without any structure that gives a "messy look".  A structured handbag completes the “expensive” look.  It’s simple lines and hardware gives an outfit a “finished” look.

7- Match your bag to your shoes
A key to making your outfits look polished is coordinating your shoes and bag.  Brown shoes look great with a brown bag in the same color tone.  Leopard flats or heels look great with a black or nude bag.

8- Accessories
What are the accessories you need in your wardrobe for an expensive look: A pair of sunglasses, a couple of scarves (the neckerchief is my favorite), a watch (stainless or leather straps) and a nice broche (a Chanel dupe would be perfect).

9- Jewelry
Invest in some quality pieces of jewelry. Dainty jewelry can provide a way to easily add a finishing touch to all of your looks. You can also wear statement pieces just remember to wear one at a time and to throw them away when their are tarnished. 

10- Beauty
Make sure your hair is clean and have a nice hairstyle.  Keep your skin in good condition.  Wear light to natural makeup with a lip color (a red lipstick will never fail you).  Make sure your nails are also kept clean and/or painted (no chipped nail polish).

Also, remember:
  • Buy one piece at a time;
  • Think of investing a little more in your blazers, accessories, shoes and handbags;
  • Buy items on sale.

Outfit details
Handbag & shoes @Luminescense 

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  1. This dress is unique and fabulous Moumouss "sortant de l'ordinaire". I think that even if you aren't on budget those tips will help anyone elevate their overall look.
    Thanks for sharing....

    1. That dress will also fit you perfectly. I had to trick it for the photoshoot- lmao...

  2. Again, great tips! I love wearing bracelets, in terms of jewelry, especially a metallic bangel as it can improve the look of any outfit!

    1. Bracelets are nice accessories to have- specially the bangels :-). Thank you for stopping by Juju

  3. These are great tips and what a fun dress! :)

    Hope that you had a nice weekend :) Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! The new link up is live on my blog now, I'd love you to join again. :)

    Away From Blue

  4. These are all great tips! I love the pointed heels tip -- so true. xo

  5. Wow, what a cool dress! These are great tips as well. Thanks for sharing and linking up.


    1. thank you Shelbee, the dress is indeed cool :-)

  6. Such a beautful dress on you! I love the assymetrical style and the bit of print that peeks through.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  7. Thank you Jessica. It a very unique dress :-)


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