5 Positive Sides of the COVID-19

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Happy Thursday! How are you holding up? It's been only 2 months for me and although I am doing my best to make the best of it, I am so tired and so ready to get back to my normal life. How about you? Anyway, we talk a lot about the dark side of the Coronavirus but something good comes out of even of the worst situations. If you don't see the positive, create it. In today blogspot, I want to identify 5 positive sides of the COVID-19.


  • More time: Obviously this doesn’t apply to the health-care sector and other crucial sectors, but beyond those it applies to a large majority of sectors. It is the perfect opportunity to take time away from your regular activities (although some of us work from home- but we still have more time) to review your goals and objectives in life and start working on those if the speed of life made you lose your focus. It is also an opportunity to spend more time with spouses and children. I am sure that we are noticing that kids has grown right before our eyes without us even noticing or that our spouse has evolved (not necessarily in a bad way) without your full awareness. Am I making sense? Spending the time with our loved ones is as important as chasing a career or building your empire.
  • Reconnecting and Helping others: Challenging times offer a great opportunity for social bonding and other ways of connecting to and helping people. Of course, not being able to visit friends or family has increased isolation and feelings of loneliness in some cases. But the feeling of “we’re in this together” has also triggered interesting ways of connecting. 

  • Modesty and acceptance:  The virus shows us that, no matter how well-planned and organized we are and no matter how much we live in this world, we are not in control. One simple virus is disrupting everything. It is definitely helping us create awareness that this is not the case. It provides an opportunity to take a more modest role and accept that many things are simply beyond our control.
  • Better meetings: If you are evolving in a corporate environment like I am (and if you are part of the management team), you probably spend up to 23-24 hours per week in meetings. Half of this time are considered as a waste of time. Nowadays, meetings are mostly virtual and shorter. As such, it provides an excellent opportunity for resolving one of the most disliked parts of organizational life "endless meetings". Thank God for Technology.
  • Positive Environmental Effects: Obviously, there is a power in shutting things down for a bit. We allow the creatures of the earth to thrive once again: Pollution reduction in China, the canal in Venice are cleaner just to name a few.

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Once again, the Covid-19 crisis has a large dark side. But it has some positive sides as well. I thought I'll share my reflections with you hoping you will do the same. We definitely need some balance if we want to get through this period without mental health issues. So what positive sides of the COVID-19 do you know. Comment below and share. Let's meditate, stay active, keep focus, and try to make the best we can with the situation.

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  1. First, you look stunning in that dress! I love the different shades of lace.

    And, I agree, their are some positives to this. I am a real introvert. And I’ve enjoyed not feeling pressured to socialize. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends. But some need to get together more often than I do.

    I’m retired, but I like that large numbers of people are able to work from home, leaving the roads less congested, and the air cleaner.

    Great post!

    1. Hi Michelle, we definitely need to take advantage of the good sides of this pandemic, to sit back, relax and enjoy the little things of life. Before we know it we will be back to normal (or a new normal life). XO,

  2. What a beautiful! We have been blessed with the positive sides of the virus here which has been my hubby working from home for the past 2 months and spending loads and loads of time outside.

    1. Great Mireille - There is a good side to every bad situation. Let's enjoy the little moments while praying for this thing to go away.

  3. We need to see some positive sides on this pandemic and this situation will have an impact (a good one I hope) in our lives. GORGEOUS DRESS, you know I am a fan of lace......

    1. lol :-). They have M. You should get it ;-).

  4. Oh my word, Moumous, this dress is so amazing! And these photos are stunning. Thanks for linking up!


  5. That dress is fabulous. Loving the various colors of lace trim. The bag is so fun! I find one positive aspect of the coronavirus for me is I have more time to cook and try new recipes. Of course I may not feel that way next time I get on a scale!

  6. I think it's easy to see the good in this when our families and loved ones are safe, there are positives in every situation :) And while my family is a mix of essential workers, people now working from home and people who are sadly unemployed, we are doing all we can to help each other through it!

    And thankfully those in the family who have been tested for COVID have been negative so far!

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank God for all the blessings Mica. I am glad to read that your family are doing ok. Testing negative to COVID is the most important thing for now. We will get thru this. Thank you for sharing Mica:-)

  7. Thank you for your outlook and positive reminders. You are right. As for the dress, it's fabulous and I love it with the hat. Such a lovely look!

  8. Love these collection of photos! So chic

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