10-ish Ways to Style the "White Button Down Shirt" + 5 Tips

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When it comes to wardrobe essentials, every woman has different requirements but a white button-down shirt and the little back ( navy, or cream) dress are a must in any woman's wardrobe. A white shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. It can be worn with just about anything and exudes understated elegance and sophistication. And there are endless options for how to wear it. A white shirt will go with a majority of the items in your wardrobe with a huge array of accessories and styling tricks to play with. Today, I share 10 ways to wear a "white shirt".

No other wardrobe staple is as timeless or as versatile as a white button-front shirt. It has been worn since the 1940s and by remarkable women like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and the list goes on. Because whether you are light-skinned or dark-skinned, tall or short, lean or curvy, a white shirt looks good on everyone. This is definitely a piece that’ll work for both work and play. No matter your age, your profession or your lifestyle. And while the white shirt does have its origin inspired by menswear, it has continually been used to depict the sensuality of a woman. Before we get into how I styled it, here's 5 tips that can help you master the wear of a white button down shirt:

1-The Fabric: The classic shirt is made from woven fabric and most commonly used fabrics are cotton, linen, denim and silk.  (A blouse is different from a shirt- usually made from much softer fabric or sometimes stiffer to achieve a more architectural silhouette). 

2-The Fit: The fit of the shirt can vary, boyfriend, taylored, tomboyish or feminine...  A tailored shirt is recommended for the professional women. A tailored shirt sculpts your body. It is neither  too tight that the buttons gape at the chest nor so loose that it looks baggy. The shoulder seam should sit right where your arm connects with your shoulder and the collar when done up should not be restricting.

3- The color: Select your white shirt taking your skin tone (undertone) into account. If you are on the cooler side of the color wheel, go with pure white or pearly white. If you are on the warmer side of the color wheel, consider an ivory fabric.

4- The Style: There can be variations in the details : ruffles, frills etc. However, a classic style is more versatile and more office appropriate and  will  also give you the mileage season after season.

5- The "what to wear underneath": Wear a bra in a nude color because there’s nothing more off-putting than your bra showing through your white shirt. If you can’t find an exact match to your skin-tone, opt for a shade lighter as opposed to going darker. A black or a white bra is a big no-no.

So my 10 ways-ish of styling the classic white button down shirt (sorry for messy hairstyle - guess that's my quarantine look :-)):

With Classic Pants or a Suit

With Pencil Skirt

Adding a Blazer

Or a sleeveless pull-over

With dark wash blue jeans

Adding a classic pull-over (sweater)

With a maxi / midi/ tea-length skirt

Layered on a cute top and dark denim

Or layered on a dress 

With shorts and heels

With shorts and white tennis shoes

With flat sandals

Outfit details
White Shirt : exact same, similar from the same brand here and here

Check out my IGTV @lamoumous here for a better video resolution

There are over 40 ways to wear a classic white shirt. So how do you like to wear yours? Comment below and let me know. Also any favorites from the above? I want to hear your thoughts.
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  1. Great tips and I LOVE every one of these outfits!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  2. Love everything and I do wear most of the styles except 1. With shorts and white tennis shoes 2. With shorts and heels.

  3. That is a FABULOUS shirt and each way you styled it looked amazing! Thanks for linking up with the Style Six!

  4. I love a classic white button down. They are so versatile and sexy in that classy sort of way. All of these styles are so great but I really love the pink dress with the shirt unbuttoned on top of it. So cool! Thanks for linking up.


    1. Shelbee, somewhat you always know what flatters you. That's amazing. This shade of pink dress dress with the white shirt is the perfect combination for your cool skin tone. I had to use the red lipstick to pull it off :-)

  5. I love the pencil skirt look! I didn’t realize shades of white could make a difference with your skin tone! Great tip!

  6. These are such stylish outfits! I don't wear my white shirt enough - you've inspired me to dig it out! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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