15 Simple Styling Tricks That Take Your Outfit to the Next Level

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I hope your all are home, healthy and safe. Great personal style does not come down to the clothes you wear, but how you wear them. We are constantly looking to celebrities, street style stars, fashion influencers, Pinterest and the runway for new, innovative styling ideas. Today I compiled 15 celebrities style ideas that I love and practice that can take your outfit to the next level.

  • Drape a jacket over your shoulder: The recipe to effortless Glamour. (Not applicable for work environment).
  • Belt a blazer: A belt cinches the waist and adds a feminine allure to a classic piece that can sometimes be boring.
  • Throw on a suit vest: Once in a while, however, it's worth borrowing from the boys. the suit vest although it looks all business but it also welcomes play given that there isn't the restriction of sleeves.
  • Belt a scarf as a vest: Wear your rectangular scarf either around your neck, or over your shoulder, draped across the neck or to the side and secure the ends with a belt at your waist. Belting your scarf is a great way to step up your fashion game while also shaking up your everyday ensembles.
  • Wear polka dots with stripes: Instantly elevate your work wardrobe with a graphic trend that’s both fashionable and office appropriate. By pairing tailored pieces laced with slimming lines and chic polka dots, you’ll elegantly stand out from your predictable pantsuit-clad peers.
  • Tie a scarf to your bag: One super easy and versatile way to add a dash of color and interest to any outfit, is to tie a colorful scarf to your bag.
  • Add a red bag: the color of classic red is timeless and unexpected all at once. We love how the pop of red can add a dash of fanciness to an everyday outfit.
  • Wear a blazer as a shirt: When you think of a pantsuit, "sexy" typically isn't the first word that comes to mind. The office attire, however, has gone through a risqué transformation, allowing women to embrace their femininity with this boys-club staple.
  • Think all white this summer: Because what's chicer than white on white? More white.
  • Match your shoes to your dress: Monochromatic is the new chic. However, not to look like a color-coordinated Barbie doll, make sure you to nuance the shades together.
  • Tie your scarf as a turban: Well if you are having a bad hair day or you simply want to make a statement, that one is for you. 
  • Throw on a straw hat: Besides looking absolutely adorable, a straw hat can protect the delicate skin on your face from the summer's harsh rays.
  • Tie Up your shirt: Give a quick little tie at the waist of your long-sleeved button-up shirts and turn this office approved look into a summer-perfect piece. Don't forget to roll up your sleeves. Depending on your tolerance for skin exposure, you can adjust the style to fit your needs.
  • Pair a tee with a full skirt: Pair solid tees with your midi or tea-length voluminous skirts. It creates the perfect balance as the puffy skirt is a statement piece of its own.
  • Tie on a little scarf: Never be hesitant to wear a little silk neckerchief around your neck- giving you all kind of Paris vibe and have the benefit of framing your face.

Outfit details:
Oversize lightweight blazer (here) | Pants (here)| Turtleneck shirt (here)
Shoes (here) | Handbag (here)| Sunglasses (here)

So what are your tricks to elevate your outfit? I would love to try some new things. Also, did you find any inspirations from the list above. Which one will you try? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. These are all such great styling tips, Moumous! I love to add loads of pearls to a casual outfit to elevate to a super sassy level! I am loving your outfit and your handbag! This style of trousers really elongates your legs! Thanks for linking up.


    1. Great tip: you can't go wrong with pearls. Thanks Shelbee :-)

  2. Great ideas. French tuck still works for me, pearls, layered bracelets, and following the mathematical rules too. Thank you for linking to Muttonstyle Monday

  3. Such great tips and I am drooling over that handbag - the whole look is just so chic! Thanks for sharing this with the Style Six!

    1. Thank you Kellyann - this statement handbag is my ultimate favorite.

  4. These are great styling tips! Scarves, hats or a statement necklace are details I like to add to take an outfit up a notch! This is such a pretty outfit! I love your bag!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Really great tips! Gorgeous handbag :-)

  6. These are good tips, thanks for sharing! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From Blue

  7. This outfit looks like you're ready to GO! Love how you belted the jacket and the color is fabulous. :)

  8. Loving these tips, Moumous! Hope you're safe and well.

  9. Abstain from demonstrating a lot of skin. This first date outfit tip can keep you from sending some unacceptable message.check this out


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