6 Tips to throw a cute kids party under budget - Ft. Aubrey 6th Birthday Party

Hi Everyone,

My first born turned 6 back in February. Since I just received the pictures, I figure why not making a blog post out of it. So  this post is overloaded of pictures. I prefer celebrating kids birthday in School firstly because she gets to hangout with all her friends and secondly, most importantly it is cheaper. Today, I am sharing a few tips on how to throw a big party and under budget for your kids.

  • Do it at the school: you don't need to worry about feeding the adults and you don't have to pay anyone for animation + the teachers are always happy to help.
  • Then keep menu simple. For this party, I served, cocktail size pizza, wings, popcorn, fresco & soda.
  • Plan the party ahead so you can save on decors, cake/ candy table & more
  • I was able to get all the party stuff online. Since I planned ahead, I was able to narrow down what I really wanted,  and navigate enough to find the best deal that was available at the time. Where I like to shop for kids party: Etsy, Amazon and wholesales party supply. I find them to be cheaper.
  • DIY: I ordered everything and made the decor myself. Since the school is used to event, I was able to rent those little table for a small fees and they also helped me with the balloons. Everything else came from home. I must say that I have been piling up a lot of kids decoration stuff over the past 6 years which lead me to my next 
  • Save party supply as much as possible. You may be able to use them later.

Aby always picked her theme ahead every year. So next year, she wants Flamingo and Pineapple and I just can't wait to have some fun. In the meantime, I am pretty pleased with how the Unicorn and Rainbow theme came out this year. Thoughts? On a completely different note, the twins had a bad flu so they were in a bad mood. It sadden me that they were not able to have as much fun as they should with their big sister.

So what are the tips your followed for your kids party. Comment below and share the fun.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Little Rainbow Unicorn. She is so adorable. You did a great job with the decorations. Thank you for sharing this post with My Red Carpet.


  2. What a beautiful birthday girl! I love the unicorn masks on the kids. So precious! My little guy turns 7 on Saturday and due the current world environment, he won’t be having much of a celebration. But we will make it to him! Thanks for sharing Aubrey’s fun celebration with us and linking up!


    1. Safety first Shelbee :-). Got lucky that her birthday was mid Feb. but now we are all home :-)

  3. Such a fun party! We have gotten to be good at throwing parties on a budget!

    1. We have too - As mothers, we love to keep our children happy as much as we can :-)

  4. How lovely was this little party - it looks enchanting. Jacqui x

  5. Happy belated birthday to your daughter! It looks like so much fun! it's nice you could throw a party for her class - here in Australia we just take some treats in for the kids to share (usually party leftovers, haha!) we don't decorate or anything.

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!
    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you Mica. I am lucky that the school allows me to all that. They usually don't - Guess I'm lucky ;-)


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