5 Everyday Beauty tips to look younger and work-appropriate

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And we welcome Spring! I hope you are hanging there amidst everything that's going on around the World. This blog post was meant for Tuesday on St. Patrick's Day but I guess I can still release it. It is still St. Patrick week although we are all locked down. 

Lately, I have been getting a lot of comments whenever I tell someone my age.  The feedback is unanimous: I look younger. Other than the fact, that I properly lost the baby weight (emphasis on "properly"), that I am eating healthy and drinking lots of water, I believe that my beauty regimen also have something to do with it. So today, I am sharing 5 everyday beauty tips to look younger and work-appropriate.

  • Whiten teeth: You can try the charcoal or visit your dentist to define the right care for you.
  • Glowing skin: You definitely need an appropriate face skin care regimen. Do not neglect the face & eye serum, moisturizer & sunscreen.
  • Healthy Hair: whether you are curly, texlaxed or relaxed, keep your hair shiny and thick. Also, think of loose ponytail (no low bun please) for a younger look.
  • Thick  & natural eyebrows.
  • Keep your foundation light and dewy: Do not overdo with heavy matte foundation. Let your natural glow shine thru. A CC cream combined with your concealer is just enough to hide the imperfection and let your skin breathe. Also, use a moisturizing eyelid primer and a light blush. The more makeup you wear the older you will look. So less is better.

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Cocktail dress @Champagneboutique

Please share any additional tips you have in the comment section below. I can't wait to read them.

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  1. The additional that I will add:
    1. apply SPF every day ( to protect your skin from the sun )
    2. always remove your make up gently
    3. Eat healthy (vitamin C fruits and vegetables)
    4. Drink a lot of water (half of your weight in oz)
    5. the last one be grateful and happy (not so obvious sometimes)

    1. 1- SPF is the measure of how long a sunscreen last so SPF 50, SPF 15. So Sunscreen is the correct term to use here :-).
      2- Agree on 2 to 5 but I was mostly focus on skincare itself :-). And #5 plays a major role in self-care :-). XO :-)

  2. Oh this dress is simply remarkable! I love the color and the unique style and it looks so fabulous on you! I think there is also much to be said about the way we carry ourselves, too, that can contribute to looking and feeling younger. Smile, smile, smile is a big one! Frowny faces tend to make you look older, too. Thanks for sharing and linking up.


    1. Indeed Shelbee, Smile is a big one :-). Thanks for the reminder ;-)

  3. This dress is gorgeous! I love the dramatic look of it and the off the shoulder style. You look great! Your tips are great, I use Smile Brilliant every few months to whiten and drink about 80 oz of water a day.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jessica. Drinking water is everything. Stay safe :-)

  4. You are lovely. The dress is beautiful on you. Stay healthy.

  5. Well how old are you? and what do you mean by properly lose the weight?

    1. I'm 35 will turn 36 in 2 months. I'm 5'1'- 115lbs. Lost close to 70lbs about a year and 1/2 ago. What I meant is that I went to a nutritherapy practitioner who guided me towards the right type of diet (there's about 10 of them apparently) for me after an evaluation (was looking thru my email for the exact name can't find it). As a result, I was able to reach my ideal body weight pretty fast and have been maintaining my ideal weight for over a year now .... Hope this help.

  6. Striking dress Hun, thanks so much for sharing today. Jacqui x

  7. I need to work on standing up straight. My posture is what ages me, and it's so hard to remember to stand up straight.

  8. That shade of green is a stunning color on you, Iris! Excellent tips!


  9. What a fun dress on you! :) I've never really thought about trying to look younger but maybe it will eb something I want to do when I'm older :)

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you Mica. It depends on how old you are- lol

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