5 Fashion Trends to avoid in 2020

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I know these type of contents may sometimes be very polarising because there's no one size fits all when it comes to fashion trend. As a personal stylist, I mostly focus on how a fashion trendy item will easily be incorporated into our daily lifestyle. I also focus on fashion faux-pas that people think are ok simply because it's trendy regardless of where they are going. Today I am sharing 5 fashion trends to avoid in 2020.  In my opinion these items are either tricky to wear, not practical, too old-fashioned, not flattering for most body shape or simply won't be sticking around too long to worth your investment.

  1. Super size handbag - Not talking about the everyday large handbag but those ridiculously oversized ones;
  2. Head to toe crochet outfit (with the exception of beachwear)
  3. 90's inspired denim jumpsuit (maybe the overall)
  4. Chunky combat boots (yes they still there)
  5. Shoes lace-up over pants - no comment πŸ˜‰

Outfit details:
outfit, handbag and sunglasses @Glamur boutique

So what are the trends you won't be wearing in 2020? Comment below and let's have some fun.

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  1. Hoping to stay away from most trends and save some money in the clothing department this year!

  2. Great tips! By the way, I read that you live on an island and you're name sounds French. I've got family on an island called RΓ©union. Where abouts do you come from? πŸ’œπŸ️

    1. I live in Haiti - We speak French and Creole :-)

    2. Interesting! My family also speaks French and Creole! 😊

  3. I will say the Super size handbag, head to toe crochet outfit and the chunky combat boots.
    Shoes lace-up over a short dress or skirt maybe

  4. Moumous, you know I am all about wearing what we love regardless of trends. That being said, trends I will be avoiding are utility jumpsuits (I do like overalls though) and puffy sleeves. Just not flattering for me! Thanks for linking up.



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