15 Things You should not wear to work

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How you dress at work is important, even with “corporate casual” established as the office standard. I often got questions /compliments how I always put together in my work wear. Last year, I gave you some tips on what should be included in your work wardrobe and left a door opened for you to become creative and have some fun as we go to work every day and don’t want it to become boring. As a follow-up to those post available here, here and here, today I am sharing 15 things not to wear to work.

  1. Yoga pants
  2. Tracksuit pants ;
  3. Bandage dress;
  4. Sneakers;
  5. Cartoon prints or prints with animal to work. Leave Mickey House, Betty Boop and those flamingo prints at home. Same goes for neon;
  1. Wear animal prints moderately: a pair of shoes to elevate a look or a cute top under your blazer. Don’t go for a dress or a head-to-toe animal print look;
  2. Casual T-shirt;
  3. Ripped jeans, shorts;
  4. Clothes that are too tight. You don’t want to give the wrong impression no matter what;
  5. Bags with wear and tear. Invest in quality. They last longer;
  1. Dirty or wrinkled clothes;
  2. Jingly jewelry;
  3. Heels that clank;
  4. Low-waist pants;
  5. Too much makeup.

Outfit details:
Shirt Brook brothers (exact same available here) | 
Pants @glamurboutique | 
Shoes @Khiani | Handbags Zac Posen @Luminescense

So what else would you recommend not to wear to work. Please comment below and share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I work in a very casual office and can wear pretty much whatever I want. I do try to avoid shorts and skirts above the knee, deep cut necklines and bare shoulders. Again, not because it's not allowed, but because I would feel really uncomfortable in those. xo

    1. Hi Nikki, thanks for your comments. You should definitely do what makes you happy. Those are some tips if you want to look classy and professional.

  2. La tendance a un peu changé ces derniers jours. Le Friday wear né aux USA dans les années 1990, et l'arrivée sur le marché du travail des Millennials qui se réinvente la nouvelle méthode du travail, s'affranchit du diktat du cool. On porte maintenant des baskets pour aller au bureau. On porte la couleur animal print. On porte les bijoux bling bling. L'idée est de trouver du bonheur même en travaillant. Je ne prends pas le contre-pied de ce que tu as écrit. Loin de là. Tout comme toi, je suis de la veille école. Mais je suis plutôt tolérante. Il y a deux écoles qui prédominent maintenant : le casual wear et le busines wear. J'attends un prochain billet de toi où tu parleras des casuals wear. Car cette catégorie a aussi besoin de tes inspirations. Non au diktat ma chère Moumous !

    1. Pamela, ce sont la des conseils si une personne veut avoir une allure professionnelle et distinguée. Personne n'est obligée à le suivre. Mais pour faire du tact au tact, le casual friday wear que tu dis est defini par le port de khakis (des trousers plus relax)et de jeans avec le "classic button down shirt" . Mon préféré est le port du jeans et le blazer avec des talons. Porter des baskets au bureau est a mon avis "tacky" sauf si tu travailles dans un environnement médical, club de sport, ou une activité qui sollicite bcp de va-et-vient. Maintenant, j'ai parlé des imprimés en animaux et non pas de "animal Print" per say. Bien que j'ai mis un bémol sur le port du "animal print". Non on ne porte pas des bijoux bling bling au bureau. C'est pas parce que l'on le fait que ca fait classe. Voilà pourquoi que certaines personnes feront toujours la différence comparée à d'autre dans un milieu de travail. Chaque personne a le droit de faire comme bon lui semble mais mes conseils visent ceux qui recherchent une allure soignée au bureau et qui ont des ambitions professionnelles élevée surtout dans un marché comme le nôtre. Et je ne suis pas de la vieille ecole, je suis tres tendance. Cependant, il y a une façon de se présenter au bureau, au bal ou au restaurant et le fait qu'on a l'impression que tout est permis n'est pas forcement chic.

  3. Great tips. You seem to have a very classy look and the workwear you have styled always looks beautiful and put together. Love the silver piping on your blouse!

  4. Helpful tips! I agree. Classy and smart clothing that doesn't go to overboard is the way to go when picking out a work outfit. Well done! 👍💜

  5. You look so darling! We work along side an office which has allowed their staff a VERY relaxed dress code. When I see grown women (in a business office mind you) show up in leggings...and I mean like workout just has me shaking my head!

    1. Thank you Shelly -
      I just don't get it! As a sales director, I never hesitated to send an employee home to change their clothes. SMH

  6. love that executive look but girl that smile lights up the room

  7. I love your outfit, Moumous! The wide legged pinstripe pants are so elegant and sophisticated. I had to laugh at the dirty or wrinkled clothes one! I don’t think you should wear dirty or wrinkled clothes anywhere! Unless you are painting or gardening. I have always been super conscientious about dressing appropriately for the occasion and work is no different. I haven’t worked in a corporate environment for 15 years and I know that dress codes have become much more relaxed in recent years. I am sure I would be appalled! Thanks for sharing these tips and linking up.


    1. well, believe it or not some people think it's fine to walk around in dirty or wrinkled clothes. Lately, white dirty sneakers became a trend. SMH

  8. Leggings to go to work, seriously? I shake my head when I see the dirty or wrinkled clothes
    Agree with the tips

  9. So fabulous!! Love this look, such a classy professional vibe.

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  11. I love your photos and your lush garden. Great post from a fellow Corp casual dresser. Thank you again for supporting my linkup

  12. love this post! I usually shake my head when I see the director or supervisor wear these in a work environment but to each their own .I do prefer the classy look ,

    1. Classy , elegant, and timeless are what we should aim for when it comes to workwear

  13. This is such a great office outfit and I nodded along with a lot of your recommendations! I'm definitely guilty of the jingly jewellery one though, haha! I often find out that the necklace I'm wearing doesn't really work with the big security pass I need to wear around my neck all the time and I can make quite a noise walking around the office! haha! I try to hold the pass out to stop that as much as possible!
    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From Blue

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