12 Reasons I am grateful Today

Hi everyone,

And I am back right in time to see the end of 2020 and to wish you the very best for 2021. As I expected, the month of december was very busy for me. I am grateful for all the opportunities that came my way in 2020 despite everything that is happening in the world right now. I can definitely testify that a positive attitude is the key to drive good energy and positivity into your life.


As we welcome the Holiday Season...

Happy Sunday Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed thanksgiving with your family and closed friends. Now it's officially Christmas time. As many of us started to put our decorations up I have a good excuse not to do mine - at least for now. I am planning to put some decorations on today outside of the house. With the twins around, I will have to wait a little more for the christmas tree or I will have nothing left on the tree by the 24th. Not that I am complaining, I am feeling so lazy just thinking about setting up the tree lol.


Confidence 101: 12 Habits of a Confident Woman you Should Have

Hi everyone,

Confidence has a massive impact on how you live and enjoy life. Happy and confident people ooze positivity all the time and positively influence everyone they interact with. Similarly, a confident woman stands out as smart and attractive, and it has nothing to do with beauty whatsoever. So, if you want to be a confident lady, there are several habits you must learn. For instance, use your body language to communicate, stand tall, develop a positive attitude, and change your lifestyle altogether.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

Thanksgiving is the holiday of peace, the celebration of work and the simple life. This is the time to show gratitude. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns a meal into a feast, a house into a home and a stranger into a friend or family.


10 Styling tips for the petite women

Hi everyone,

How are you today? I don't know what's happening to me lately but it has become a challenge to create content for you ladies. I don't want to be talking just about the outfit featured on the blogpost as I enjoy sharing some tips with you as well as impatiently waiting to read your feedback. They mean a lot to me but anyway, in the coming days, you will notice less elaborated posts but don't worry. I will be back as soon as I get to the bottom of a few challenges. In today's post, I am sharing 10 styling tips for the petite women.


How To Stay Looking Beautiful As You Age

Hi everyone,

Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean you can’t also look and feel beautiful. There are steps you can take to ensure you’re confident about the way you look and you can hold your head up high. Give these ideas a try and then notice how much better you feel about yourself.


How to safely celebrate the Holidays this year

Hi Everyone,

Happy Tuesday! It suddenly hit me that it's that time of the year again. I am surprised that I got caught off guard like that given that firstly I love Christmas and secondly I have toddlers. The kids school was illuminated with Christmas decorations this morning and Aby is already asking for her Christmas tree. I am so not ready for that. Is that me or the year went by very fast. With everything that has been happening in the world I am anxious to see what 2021 will bring. As we are approaching the greatest season of the year, it's important regardless, that we find ways to properly say goodbye to 2020. 


Steps To Take If You Or Your Child Has A Broken Tooth

There is nothing worse than a broken tooth, and other dental problems that follow and swiftly ruin your day. If you find yourself in this position for the first time, it is good to know what to do before your appointment with one of the emergency dentists your area has to offer.


12 tips to look classy on a budget

Hi everyone,

The most popular question I receive is how to be stylish and look great when you don’t have a lot of money. I don’t believe that money equals style. Your style can happen no matter your income level, it just may take a bit more time or a bit more effort and creativity. Here’s some of my tried and true tips to be stylish and look great, no matter your budget.


How to look expensive on a budget 2.0


Hi everyone,

Happy Tuesday! How are you today? I hope you are all well. Last year, I shared some tips on how to look expensive on a budget (post available here). Life is a runway of experience; in the hassle of keeping up with the several shows, it can be quite demanding to look your best, acquire a luxurious appearance with the constant financial threads or get the proper directives on how to look well dressed. A lot of us want to look elegant, sophisticated and classy on a budget but we often do not know how to acquire that. I hope this post can provide some quick wins that can help you elevate your look without breaking the bank in your journey to become your ultimate self.


How to dress age appropriately


Hi everyone, 

Happy Saturday! I wish you all a happy and blessed weekend. I often receive message and emails from followers, clients and readers looking for advice: "Hello, I'm 50, 45, 60.... what not to wear? or can I wear? Many times, I am asked about how to dress age-appropriate and most of the time, I feel that my answers do not meet the expectation simply because I approach this topic on a very different angle.  So, what if I told you that we’ve got this whole conversation about age-appropriate dressing wrong? Today, I am sharing my "approach" to age-appropriate dressing to release you from the concept that your age is someway, somehow, restricting your choices.


Cute Dresses & more @

 *This post is sponsored by 

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to collaborate with this online retailer With Holiday right around the corner, we are all looking for some affordable options to attend those fancy events. For today’s post I will be sharing some of my favorite clothing items.


What does your Clothing colors reveal about your personality

Hi everyone,

Happy Thursday! Sorry I am late. I am still struggling to keep up with my schedule. Anyway, I hope that you are doing well. Today's featured outfit definitely had a decisive impact on the topic of the day: Let's talk about how we can be perceived based on the colors we are wearing. To make it fun, I will describe some of the colors I enjoy wearing and you can leave me a comment with one of your colors and I will reply with what that color says (or supposes to say) about you. Cheers to some fun interaction!

Ways You Can Stop Irritating Your Own Skin

Hi everyone,

If you have fussy or sensitive skin, it might seem like you always have to walk on eggshells to take extra good care of it. Days that too hot, too cold, too dry, too humid, each of them can have their own effects and sometimes your skin will get irritated or red for seemingly no reason. However, often there is a reason and it’s the actions that we take ourselves. Here, we’re going to look at ways you can stop inadvertently antagonizing your own skin.


FeelinGirl's best sales on Black Friday

 *This post is sponsored by FeelinGirl's

The shapewear clothes and accessories have become very popular in the recent times and an increasing number of women now purchase shapewear products for body toning. As a result, you can now find several brands, companies and manufacturers with their own range and line of body shapewear products in the market. When you are out there looking to purchase the best bodysuit shapewear it is important that you look at different products, compare their specs and quality, look at their manufacturer, pricing and then eventually make an informed decision based on your requirements. 


How to Balance Proportion when Styling your Outfit

Hi Everyone,

Happy Tuesday! I hope this post finds you well. Balancing proportions is about styling your outfits to create an overall aesthetic harmony. The way you achieve this is by wearing clothes that are fitted to your body shape. When you want to play with oversized clothes or unusual shapes, make it a fashion moment by keeping the rest of the look fitted. For example, try pairing a tight crop top with wide-leg jeans, or a puff-shoulder top with straight-leg pants.


How to create a Wardrobe that suits your lifestyle

Hi everyone,

Happy weekend! Remember this post where I was confused between how I hate distressed denim and how I actually like those jeans? I didn't like the destroyed trend then and  I'm still not on board but I kept the overly destroyed denim. Mostly because they fit me like a glove and I think that I can get away with them if I dress them up. Anyway, I hope you won't be bored as I also have another post coming with me again wearing the same denim one more time (but just one more time, I swear). So speaking of, is your current wardrobe suits your lifestyle?



Hi everyone,

It's been a struggle to get back to my regular schedule with a full time job, my consulting services, life with 3 kids, a husband and the blog. I am still looking for that perfect routine where I can fit everything. However, I think I am back for good now and I hope that you miss me as much as I have been missing you, especially my fellow bloggers and linkup party friends, Shelbee, Gail, Mica, Jessica, Mireille, Lucy.....everyone. Anyway, back to Trend & Fashion, shall we? If you are a regular visitor you know that Fall is my favorite season. Go figure why? I live in the Caribbean. But I am lucky enough to benefit from the cool weather where I can rock some of the fall trends. For today's post, I will share 3 fashion tips that will help you to dress to impress during the autumn season.


2 golden rules to stay trendy on a budget

Hi Everyone,

“Absolutely no one wants to look frumpy and outdated in public. Being trendy has become one of the essential ways to be socially adequate.” What a dramatic entrance! Hello ladies, how have you been? I hope that this post finds you well. Social media and the internet have made everyone of all age groups aware of the growing trends, the lushest stores, and expensive luxurious brands. However, many find it a challenge to adopt a trendy lifestyle.


20 Fragrances I will be wearing for Fall 2020

 Hi everyone,

How have you been? it's been a while. Lately, I have been pretty busy. In a good way, I will give you more details on what I have been up to on Thursday. For today, I would like to talk about Fragrances. I felt so tired on Monday morning. I have been working non stop for the past 15 days ( all day everyday - no day off- no weekend) and I did not have a chance to eat breakfast. As I was trying to expedite a special order for a client I felt the need to put some perfume on ( I had a new scent on that I was testing but it was too weak). So I opened my purse and found a decant of Agent Provocateur Intense and OMG, my spirit felt uplifted right away, as well as my client who was coming from a hospital night shift - just by smelling it in the air. Needless to say that today's post had to be perfumes related.


5 Things to do before Fall Arrives

Hi everyone,

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you are making the best of the week . With Fall less than a week away, it's important to treat ourselves to those little things that will soon be impossible to do during starting mid/late fall. I live in the caribbean but in the mountains so I always ensure that I make the most of fall whenever the weather is suitable. So as we are saying goodbye to Summer, here's 5 things that you  can do to end it beautifully. Click on the link to read.


5 "Must Know" everyday Style Rules

Hi everyone,

Happy Thursday! I hope you are doing fine. Kids are back to school and I am now trying to find my way with this new "back to normal" life. Not that I am complaining because I am so happy that the kids are back to school mostly for the twins. They have been specially restless for the past few weeks. Anyway, I always enjoy sharing style tips with you ladies and  lately I have been doing so a lot.  So if at any stage you feel confused by all the information I have been sharing simply focus on the following 5 basic tips. They will make your life so much easier. Also, please remember to always be you, do you as much as you are happy. However, those tips would help if sometimes you wake up in the morning and you don't have anything to wear, or you have a lot of clothing pieces in your wardrobe and still don't know what to wear or how to wear them. I hope that today's post can help you improve your everyday getting dressed experience.


Fall 2020 Fashion Trend

Hi everyone,

My last post was all about my disappointment on the lack of creativity fashion wise for this coming fall. I know that some of you might say I have no mercy with everything  that is happening in the world right now but honestly it has been a disappointment - way before COVID-19. Since I am in a good mood, I went back and tried to identify some of the trends I can see me wearing this fall while we are struggling to accomodate to the new "normal life". So for today here's my top 10 picks.


Fall Wardrobe Essentials 2020

Hi everyone, 

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to talk about the fashion trends for Fall 2020 but there hasn't any major change in the fashion industry since Spring 2020. How boring yet it's understandable with everything that has been going on in the world lately? The good news is you don't have to splurge to add new pieces to your wardrobe if you already own all your wardrobe essentials. Fall colors have been a big trend for the past Spring/Summer so it's easy to simply layer your cute summer dresses with some of your favorite Fall wardrobe must haves. Just be creative: Add a blazer on top of that cute summer dress, add a belt and your fedora hat, a pair of booties and you are ready to go. So for today's post, I am sharing my 10 must-haves fall wardrobe pieces.


5 reasons why I love my Adidas Supernova Running Shoes

*This post is sponsored by Adidas USA. However, all opinions are my own.

Hi everyone,

With running and walking replacing my regular gym training session, staying motivated is a challenge. For me, the ultimate motivation source to stay active during this dark and uncertain time is how I look and feel in my athleisure gear. Not a huge fan of flats in general so finding the perfect pair of running shoes that are not only suitable for the job but also give me the confidence I need to feel good and pretty is everything.  Lately, I have been using those Adidas running shoes and they checked all the boxes for me as far as comfort, style, and stability. Here are the top 5 reasons why I love these running shoes:


10 Fashion Tips of all time

Hi everyone,

Happy Tuesday everyone! How have you been? It has been pretty busy here but I miss you ladies so much. I had to change my routine to fit into my new "lifestyle" and I am struggling to get it right when it comes to blogging. The good news is: I am back. I will probably post twice a week instead of 3 for the next 2 weeks until I get my way around this new busy schedule of mine. I will tell you more about this new "schedule" later but for today, I want to share 10 fashion advice I believe can make your life easier when it comes to dressing up everyday.



Hi everyone,

Back to school is right around the corner, if it hasn't knocked at your door already. This pandemic creates a lot of chaos and we are just trying to make the most of it not to lose our mind or the time that is passing by and is never coming back. With that said, schools and the Ministry of Education are doing their best to recover as much as possible therefore some children are already going to school for 2 weeks now, some are still waiting for their turn while others plan on continuing online schooling. If you are a parent that has children that are physically going back to school then this post might be able to help - hoping that it doesn't come too late. 


The Ultimate Self-Care Ritual

Give yourself permission to practice self-care rituals that prioritize your own standards of happiness. In today’s busy, over-stimulated world, taking the time to slow down can often feel overly indulgent and unproductive, but it’s actually the opposite. Allowing yourself the time and space to rest and revive is one of the best ways to stimulate clarity and increase an overall sense of happiness.



Hi everyone,

Over the years, I’ve bought many things that I don’t really need. I’m sure most of you have, too. After all, many of us have been raised in an instant-gratification culture. We grew up constantly bombarded with visions of shiny new toys. The media knows how to push our want buttons. Our friends show us the cool stuff they just bought. We want. Our neighbors just got a cool new car or boat. We want. Same goes for clothing.


4 Steps to Self Empowerment

Hi everyone,

Happy Tuesday! I needed all the confidence in the world to pull off that overly distressed denim until I decided to do the look over with those black classy pants. Unfortunately, I felt more confident in the jeans. I love how they fit but I am not sure I should keep them. Anyway, today I wanted to talk about self-empowerment. The general meaning of Self-empowerment is taking control of our own life, setting goals, and making positive choices. Basically it means that we have to understand our strengths and weaknesses, and have belief in ourselves. To become more-self empowered, use this four-step process:


Benefits of a Personal Color Analysis Consultation


Hi everyone, 

Happy weekend! I hope you and your family are doing great.  Since people make value judgments about your appearance in less than 10 seconds, the impact of color is immediate and lasting.  The colors that you wear speak volumes about you without saying a word.  Wearing the right hues can make the difference of making a great impact or not so great impression.


My 2020 Summer Fragrances Picks

Hi everyone,

The season of wearing less is here, which means it’s the time to wear all your citrus, floral, and airy scents to the front of your vanity and spritz on a summer adventure. Personally, I enjoy sweet perfumes so finding the balanced blends of sweet, fresh, and floral that are bright enough to get noticed and subtle enough to spritz in the summer heat can definitely be a challenge. Digging into my private collection, I found 12 summer "approved" fragrances for different occasions and I thought of sharing with you.


Care for Clothes: Get the most out of your wardrobe

Hi everyone,

Having invested time and money in your clothes, you will want to make sure you get the maximum use out of them. And knowing how to take care of your clothing is just as important as selecting quality items in the first place. Have you ever washed one of  your favorite clothes and it came out of the washing machine or dryer all shrinked? Following the instructions on your garments' care labels is key to ensure they are long-lasting. Today I am sharing some of the most popular care label symbols and meanings.


My Top 5 Summer Clothing Items

Hi everyone,

Happy Weekend ! I hope you are doing well. On my side, we are slowly getting out of confinement and I'm so ready for it to be over. But I am still super precautious as CORONAVIRUS is still out there but what do you want me to do? Life goes on ... Anyway, I talked a lot about summer trends, all the trends I love, the ones I don't love, the must-haves, basics and new trends. However, I noticed that I only gravitated toward just a few of them so today I thought of sharing my top 5 summer pieces. Those are the ones that I am wear all the time:


5 Shopping Tips for Sale Seasons

Hi everyone,

I know, I know - Don't we all fall for it? Whenever we hear "Sale" we run? Then after come the guilt : Is it worth it? Where will I wear those pair of shoes or that bejeweled blazer? What do I have in my closet that will go along with these weird cut pants? Or on which occasion will I be able to pull up that dress? it's definitely all too easy to get caught up in sales madness and spend far too much money on stuff you don't really need anyway.  But with some planning (and a healthy dose of self-control) you can hit the shops with less stress and bag a bargain on the things you actually need. So here's 5 tips that can help you make the most out of a Sale.


16 Things in Your Closet You Should Get Rid of Right Away

Hi everyone,

I got quite a few feedbacks from one of my recent posts "How to Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe",  saying how difficult it can be to clean up your wardrobe. Consequently, I thought of sharing a few pointers that can help you in that sense. If you are tired of seeing an overstuffed wardrobe every time you open up your closet. And if you have a lot of items but constantly have nothing to wear; it is definitely time to clean out and prune your wardrobe so it only has your best and most favorite pieces. And since getting rid of clothes is hard, I am sharing 16 tips that will help you figure out what to toss and what to keep. So get your donation bag ready and let's get started.


Youthful Beauty Emanates From Your Neck Up


Hi everyone,

Every single woman deserves to have her essence captured in her beauty. A great smile, bright eyes, glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and plump lips are all the things that we want to be perfected in us. But could this be too much pressure? Could we be demanding too much from ourselves? Well, if we keep trying to do too much, then yes. On the other hand, if we look towards our youth, what were the things that made us look young? It was, not having lines on our neck and forehead. We have simple yet smooth slips. Our skin was even smoother and our hair was simple but so bouncy. What can we do to capture our youthful beauty once more?


5 Steps to looking good all the time

Hi everyone,

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all doing well. Some of us are already back to the "new normal life" and others are still quarantining. No matter the phase you are currently in, I hope you are making the best of it. That being said, if you dress well you'll feel better. Dressing appropriately and looking good is an art form you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Here's 5 steps that can help you dress yourself and look good.


How to create the perfect capsule wardrobe

Hi everyone,

When it comes to our closets, many of us are guilty of filling them with more items than we need. So, of course, getting dressed each morning can be stressful and confusing. After all, when your wardrobe is full of on-trend statement pieces that don’t work together, it can honestly feel like you have nothing to wear. A capsule wardrobe can help save you time while also sorting out your outfit woes. A capsule wardrobe is a carefully edited selection of clothes that are versatile and pair well. It is built on the idea of less quantity and more quality. In other words, it’s the curated closet of your dreams. So here's a few tips that can help you create your own capsule wardrobe.


What is your body shape?

Hi everyone,

Women come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you find clothes that are flattering your specific body type? The key is to know your proportions, and use fashion to accentuate your best features--and hide everything else. In this post, I am sharing some pointers on how to determine your body shape. Of course, it is always better to seek help from a professional if unsure or would like to know more about your body shape. In the meantime, here are the 5 main body shapes.


Cute Summer Finds @Bellelily

Cute Dress

Hi everyone,

Happy Weekend ladies! We are always on the hunt for affordable and trendy fashion pieces. And although, we are in quarantine, I am sure that most of us are still planning on getting some of the clothing pieces that are currently on trend. After all, it is Summer! I recently came across an online store featuring some of the latest in women's fashion and I thought of sharing some of my finds with you.  


10 handbags to carry through every season

Hi everyone,

With each passing season, a new collection of It bags pops up on the scene, and the options can be quite overwhelming. From crossbody bags that make traveling easy, to croc-embossed bucket bags, and itty bitty micro minis, the dominating trends and shapes to choose from are endless. Instead of splurging on everything and anything, today we are breaking down the key types of handbags every woman should have in their wardrobe. 


Summer Brunch: What to Wear?

Hi everyone,

When it comes to casual catch-ups with friends, brunch is undoubtedly a favorite. After all, who doesn’t love debriefing with their besties about life, careers, and guys over coffee and croissants? Brunch is a meal eaten late in the morning that essentially combines both breakfast and lunch. It is a popular weekend activity for friends that generally takes place at cafes. A brunch outfit is an ensemble worn for this specific occasion. While there are no strict rules on what to wear to brunch, most ladies aim for a chic yet casual aesthetic with clothes that are comfortable and fashionable. So what should you wear to brunch?


5 Fashion Faux-Pas you shouldn't be making after college

Hi everyone:

Happy Friday! How are you doing? I am a little tired and I'm trying to take it easy.. I hope to recover soon. Anyway, I was looking for inspiration for this post and came across a lady named "Kallie: that put up a list of 24 things that a woman over 30 should not wear. Apparently, by age 30, women are expected to be a little more mature, and they should dress like it too. I have a different opinion on the topic. To me women of all ages should dress according to their morphologie, color palette and lifestyle (her lifestyle would determine what she can or can't wear). Of course, when you are young, they will forgive you for that extra-inch shorter mini skirt or that all too tight pair of pants. However, I also think women of all ages should avoid looking too tacky or slutty. That brings me to today's post: Here's 5 fashion faux pas you shouldn't be making after college.


12 Summer Outfit Ideas inspired by my wardrobe

Hi Everyone,

Happy Tuesday! Something different to start Summer in style. I went through my closet and identified what 2020 summer trends or must-haves I can pull off with what I had available without having to go shopping. I cheated a little bit since I got a little sponsorship from Lilophia to get some pieces - not because I don't have them in my closet but because they are either too big or have been on the blog a few times already. I will try my best to give you some details as we go. So let's get right into it: 12 Summer Outfit ideas inspired by my closet.


5 Summer Trends 2020 to add to my wardrobe and 5 to skip

Hi Everyone,

Happy Sunday! It's officially Summer :-). I am "Beach Body"ready but there won't be any beach activities until quarantining is over. However, I can see myself rocking my bathing suit (still looking for the perfect one: high waisted bottom + underwired bra) by the pool with the kids. Maybe I will feel confident enough to share some footage? Who knows? I  recently wrote about summer fashion, trends and must-haves in 2020 (here). As we welcome Summer, I think it'll be fun to share the trends I am looking forward to trying and those I don't really care for. So here's 5 summer trends I want to add to my wardrobe and 5 that I will skip:


Create The Style That Works For You

Contrary to popular belief about style, it’s not actually a one shoe fits all approach that needs to be taken. When it comes to style, fashion, beauty and other things like this, people get so obsessed with what everyone else is doing, that they forget they are supposed to be creating a style that works for them. If you lose sight of this, you’re never going to create a style that accentuates your best features and make you feel like this boss that you are. The idea of this is sad, so we’re going to be looking at how you can create the style that works for you in this article. If you want to know more about this topic, keep reading down below.


3 Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Focused on School During the Quarantine

Hi everyone,

For most of us navigating the challenges of this pandemic, it can seem a bit like a play in three acts — only in this case, all the acts are happening at once. You are a parent, you are a teacher and you are a professional — all at the same time. Understandably, things don’t always go smoothly. The novelty of having school at home may be wearing a bit thin. So getting everything under control since the get go was my number 1 priority. It might come a little late but I thought I would share what really works for me. So here’s my top 3 tips to help your kids stay focused on school during the quarantine:


12 Fun Summer Activities to do during COVID-19

Hi everyone,

Summer is all about eating, drinking, seeing, doing, and getting out in the world. And, although there isn’t anywhere to go at the moment because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are still plenty of things for you to eat, drink, see, and do. They just look a little different right now. So until you can sidle up to the bar, check out a new restaurant, board a plane, go dancing, catch a movie, see a concert or simply hug a friend, check out my top 10 lists of things to do this summer: 


10 ways to Style Your Maxi Summer Dress

Hi everyone,

Happy weekend, With Summer coming in less than a week, I already went thru my closet and pull out all my cute summer dresses. My favorites are the maxi dresses. I mean seriously, what would summer be without the maxi dress? The flowy, floor-grazing appeal of a maxi dress is undeniable. So is their extreme comfort, wearable fit that looks good on everybody, and versatility. With the right maxi dress in your closet, you've got a go-to piece that you can easily dress up or down, for daytime style, casual weekends, wedding guest attire, beach vacation dressing, and special evenings out.  Here's a list of 10 ways you can style your maxi dresses:
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