When to wear a white gown when you are not a bride

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And no, this is not yet another post of me rambling about wedding or my 10th wedding anniversary that I have to wait for 2 more long years. Although today's gown is very bridal, I will however focus on when you could wear such an elegant white gown. Definitely appropriate for White tie, black tie parties or a black and white affair. End of the year, is one the rare occasions that, if you are lucky, you may receive an invitation to attend a black and white affair. So today I am sharing a few tips on how to rock such event.

If you get invited to a black and white event, honor the black and white theme by wearing what the invitation states. It would be disrespectful to show up in a red, purple or pink ensemble, and the host might remove you from the next party guest list. So you can wear either black or white. Here's a few tips to make a statement:

  • Don't wear any color other than black or white including handbags and shoes.
  • This also include jewelry. You should stick to the classic diamond and pearl jewelry that are perfect for a black and white event. If you don't have real pearls and diamonds, you can wear faux jewelry. 
  • Select attire from more sophisticated and glamorous materials, such as silk or satin. Cotton and cotton blends are better put aside for a garden party while beading and rhinestone embellishment provide all the glitter a woman needs, as long as it doesn't overwhelm the dress (the featured dress here is perfect example).
  • Evening gown styling should flatter your best feature. For example, if you have beautiful shoulders, you may want to wear a strapless or off-shoulder gown. If your legs are your best feature, raise the neckline and show off some leg with a slit up the side. 

Outfit Details:
White gown, earrings @Khiani

Remember, keep the look elegant to fit in with the theme of the party.

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Photo Credit @vonvonphotography

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  1. You have the most amazing dresses. Love this one too :)

  2. Beautiful! One of my fav Carrie Bradshaw outfits in Sex and the City is when she wears a white column dress to a black tie event.
    Sincerely, Jennie

    1. Yes - I remember that one :-). Also a favorite. Thank you Jennie Xo,

  3. Moumous, you are absolutely stunning! I have always wanted to wear a white gown to a formal event. Perhaps if I go to one more Army formal, I will opt for a white gown. Great tips! Thanks for linking up.


    1. You should definitely wear white if you go to a formal event. Pure white will look great on your complexion :-)

    2. Thanks so much! Depending on what type of event I have, I may go with a white gown or a camouflage one (Anne M. Bray has offered to craft me one in camo if I decide to go that route!).

  4. Such a beautiful embellished gown! I agree, very bridal! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Hope that you had a great weekend :) It was a hot one here, summer has definitely arrived!

    Away From Blue | Handbag Gift Guide

  5. Stunning!

  6. Such a beautiful gown! You look stunning! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

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