5 Topics you Should Avoid at Christmas Dinner

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I'm dreaming of a Blue Christmas.... I hope you are ready to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year. My heart is slowly warming up to the idea that Santa Claus is coming soon. My spirit is uplifted because of so many blessings that have been coming my way lately. Also, wouldn't you feel all merry wearing such a stunning dress?  Anyway, today I am sharing 5 topics to avoid at Christmas Dinner. 

We have all been through that moment when someone says something so inappropriate at the dinner table, that you cringe! A Christmas dinner is a wonderful gathering, where you catch up with your family and enjoy a meal together. But keep in mind, and never forget, that there are some topics you should never bring up at the dinner table, especially at the Christmas dinner table!
  •  Relationship status: Discussing your relationships with your family can be awkward at the best of times! Keep it to yourself (I know sometimes you want to brag or annoyed some of those naughty /noisy cousins!
  • Religion : Unless you are certain that your family hold the exact same views as you because everyone opinions matter. 
  • Your job or unemployment: Unemployed or getting challenged at work by that lunatic boss. Keep such conversation away from the Christmas dinner table. 
  • Your children: If you don't want to have to listen to your family gossip about your children for hours. Or if you don’t have children then definitely do not bring this topic up during a family Christmas Dinner, because all you will get is endless questions about when the grandchildren will arrive!
  • Politics: Come on! You know you don’t want to fight with Grandma tomorrow. Religion and politics can lead to the fiercest debates, things can very quickly heat up and might translate into a poor Christmas dinner!

A Christmas family dinner is special – an opportunity to share a meal with your family and create a stronger bond. So don’t fight or be judgmental! We don’t get to choose our family… but they will stand by us through anything that comes! So make your Christmas Dinner merry and fun!

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  1. Beautiful dress and wise words.

  2. Another stunning dress! Navy looks beautiful on you! But I think you have taken every topic off the table! Hahaha. What are we to talk about over Christmas dinner? I am just joking , of course. I agree. We should leave the heated topics at home and not bring them to the holidays!


    1. Nowadays we can't avoid talking politics lool So I am sure that one is inevitable :-)

  3. Good advice. And another gorgeous dress!

  4. That dress is absolutely stunning on you and aren't you a smart girl know what subjects to avoid at holiday gatherings. Thanks for linking up with us at Style Six! XOXO

  5. The silver detail on this dress is so nice! :) We spend Christmas with family so nothing rude or nosey ever gets discussed - just a lot of love shared around the table! :)

    Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

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    1. Thank you Mica and Lucky you if you manage to have peaceful and joyful holiday with your family. for me, sports and lately politics are favorite topics but I can't complain much they manage to remain civilized lol

  6. Avoid talking about religion and politics at all costs!


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