Letter To Santa Claus with overload of twins second Birthday pictures

Hi everyone,

So my daughter prepare a long gift list for Santa Claus. Apparently, she was nice all year long. Go figure? Today I am sharing her letter to Santa or her "what I want list". Also sharing the pictures of the twins 2nd birthday, Audrick & Addison back in November 6th. We didn't do much as we were going thru political unrests but we figured that we had to do something to mark the day.

Anyway, Aubrey is on a mission of becoming the perfect princess meaning that she's committed on being nice to everyone, helping others as much as she can, share her toys with her siblings, cousins and friends and babysit the twins in her bedroom (when she needs guests to attend her tea party-lol). She also enjoy sharing her lunchbox with her friends. You can't expect kids to be perfect but I'm proud of my first born. She has a good heart and I always receive compliments from her teachers and school principals that she's a sweet and kind girl and smart. What else can I ask for? So I guess I have to do my best and ensure that Santa gets the letter. 

As for the twins, they are on a mission of driving mommy crazy and they are over exceeding the expectations. I am curious to see how Santa Claus will compensate such commendable behaviors 👧👦. Meanwhile here's Aby list to Santa.

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I want: 
  1. More Play Doh
  2. Another Baby alive doll that can eat and drink and talk
  3. A bigger desk with chairs to play with twins and cousin Noah and my best friend Leila
  4. More Barbies
  5. Ariel doll
  6. Lorna doll
  7. More cutie cars to complete my collections
  8. More LOL dolls

I was nice so you have to give me all of them. 


Photo Credit @MJPhotography

So what did your kids ask Santa Claus to bring them this year? Comment below and let's have some fun.

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  1. The twins are adorable!! And your oldest's list isn't too crazy: I love how she ends it. I usually don't ask the boys what they want for Christmas unless I need inspiration.

    1. Well Mireille I didn't have to ask for a list. She just gave it to me -lool. by the way the list keep growing until Christmas Eve - lool

  2. I like the part "I was nice you have to give me all", LOL.....

    1. Yup and now everything is half broken if not completely. She is something :-)

  3. well- she ended up having them all and more .... lol

  4. I hope that those cuties of yours get everything what they wonted from Santa. o)


    1. They did - Santa was kind this year - haha!

  5. What a fun setup! Happy birthday to your kids! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! A new link up is live on my blog now, I'd love you to join again.

    Hope you had a merry Christmas :) We had a great time with family and so much good food! Have a happy new year :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Hey Thank you MIca. It was very last minute. I hope your new year was as good as your Xmas. Xo,

  6. Happy Birthday to the cute little prince and princess looks like they were dressed to the ten
    come over visit us at

    1. lol - I love dressing up my kids. they are my living dolls. lol

  7. So adorable! I love the end of Aby’s letter to Santa, “I was nice so you have to give me all of them.” Haha. You have beautiful children and I think they are meant to torment us! I guess it builds character and teaches us patience in adulthood. Or something like that! Parenting is serious business. If we can keep just a tiny bit of our sanity, we have succeeded!


    1. Thank you Shelbee - they are quite challenging - I hope I make it sane lol.


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