What shoes to wear to work

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Rounded toe heels (here); pointed toe light brown heels (here); nude & snakeskin flats (here)
pointed toe flats (here)
Hi everyone,

I received a few questions of what type of shoes to wear to work or why some keep failing on picking up the right toe shoes. Today I am sharing a few tips that I think you should follow when deciding on your work shoes. Don't forget to comment below if you need more info or you can reach out in private (here) for more details.

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Pointed toe shoes are perfect for work but when it comes to pointed toe shoes, one of the first thing that you can do to get the perfect pair, is to invest a little more for shoes. Definitely another thing I believe that quality should always win over quantity. They will actually last you way longer.  The second thing would be to train your eyes so you can identify the perfect silhouette that will flatter your feet. But today, we are not only covering pointed toe shoes but shoes for work in general.

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So what shoes are appropriate for work: I would say:
  1. Wear classic loafers that are flats or with heels, standard pointed to shoe (standard = 3" heel but 4" is fine), pointed toe flats or ballerinas or round toe shoes;
  2. Go for brown or light brown, black, gray or nude. Once you have the basics colors (black & brown);
  3. Then you can think of adding a pair of navy or burgundy or a subtle pair of animal prints;
  4. Avoid: poorly made shoes or shoes made out of poor quality materials, huge platform, big blocks, big strap shoes, glitter or anything that is too flashy/tacky in summary;
  5. Do not walk in shoes that are too tight, too big or that simply hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable.

Some inspirations:

Heels, loafers & platforms

Details (click on link for more)
Up left to right: black shoes (here), light brown platform (here) classic pointed toe shoes (here)
bottom left to right: black heels (here), heeled loafers (here), pointed toe shoes (here)

Flats & loafers 

Details (click on link for more)
nude pointed toe (here); navy flats (here); black loafers (here)
light browns ballerinas (here); snakeskin loafers (here)

A few more options

Details (click on link for more)
Snakeskin heels (here) , black heels (here)
light brown flats (here), nude and navy flats (here); burgundy flats(here)
So what do you wear to work? And in what work environment are you? Casual? corporate? formal or semi-formal? Also, any favorites from the above? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. These are all nice options
    This is lovely. Thanks for sharing with us all.
    Hope your week is going well.

    It's weekend already what are you doing?

  2. Love all the shoes! :) I work in a casual office but I pretty much wear whatever, so sometimes it's jeans and sometimes it's heels!

    1. I love a classic jeans or skinnies with button down shirt with heels and matching belt and handbag :-)

  3. Lots of great picks! And wearing uncomfortable shoes all day at work is the worst thing ever. Quality comfortable classic styles are absolutely the way to go for work. Now shoes for play are an entirely different thing! Thanks for sharing and linking up.


  4. I have always like the look of pumps but when I was a teacher I mostly wore flat shoes. These are some pretty options.

    1. Love heels but I agree - if you are a teacher you need a little more comfort although I remember I had teachers who wear heels - lol

  5. Merci pour ce si bel article !!! J'attendais impatiemment cet article sur les chaussures.
    Pour les couleurs basiques, vous avez cité le noir et le marron. Mais quand est-il de la couleur nude qui se rapproche de notre carnation ? Aussi, j'ai une reserve pour les chaussures appelées "BALLERINE", elles ne donnent pas au corps une belle silhouette. Ensuite, est-ce que les chaussures doivent être assorties avec son sac à main et sa ceinture ?
    Merci !!!

    1. Le noir et le marron clair c'est correct. Maintenant, tu peux considérer le marron régulier ou le khaki. Je n'ai pas encore trouvé de souliers nus qui se rapprochent vraiment de notre peau. Donc les couleurs nues que nous portons ne sont pas appropriés pour notre teinte de peau. J'ai remarqué qu'on a fait beaucoup d'effort dans les sous-vêtements couleur nue pour nous, femmes de couleurs et des rouges à lèvres aussi. Les rares marques italiennes qui ont les nues appropries sont rares. Les ballerines de qualité vous donnent une belle silhouette. Tu ne peux pas espérer avoir une bonne qualité et une silhouette standard si tu achètes des souliers à bon marché fait de PU bon marché.

      Dans le temps, on faisait l'obligation d'assortir souliers, sac a main et ceinturon maintenant c'est plus aussi stricte surtout si tu joues avec les couleurs de bases (faudrait que j'élabore un peu plus). Cependant, when in doubt, stick to same color pattern.

  6. Great round up of stylish shoes! Thanks for linking up with the Style Six!

  7. Those flats are so cute! I'm lucky we have a lot of options for workwear, in a casual office as long as they are closed in shoes you're fine, haha!

    Hope that you had a great weekend! Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) I just posted this week's linkup, I'd love you to join again!

    Away From Blue

    1. I love heels - Worn heels even during pregnancy lol. But I love seeing cute flats on everyone else. I am self conscious about my height and need the extra inches that a pair of heels brings me. All I need to boost my confidence. XO


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