5 ways to wear a tea-length skirt

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First of all, thanks to everyone who either participates on the poll over my IG or to those who provide feedback here. I decided to keep my current blog design and develop the mobile version. It's live now. Also, LaMoumous has widden the blog layout (larger images now) and changed its tagline from "The lookbook of a shopaholic" to "All About Confidence and Feeling Good". I think it is now more appropriate given that the blog is now a platform where we want to help other women to look good and feel good in their own skin by finding their personal style & image branding.

Today's post features 5 ways to wear the Tea Length Skirt. A tea length skirt or dress  usually stop right above the ankle, but some stop up to 2 or 3 inches above the ankle. Tea length dresses are a more playful, modern alternative to formal evening gowns. They are called tea length because back in the 50's this is the length of dress/skirt that women would wear to attend tea parties :-). 

Although I am more fan of a midi skirt :-), I like the versatility of that such fashion piece as it can be worn day or night depending of the event.

With a Silk Blouse

With a silk cami

With a belted vest

With a lace bodysuit

With a cropped blazer

Skirt @MicheleBoutique
So which one of the outfit you like the most. My favorite is the one with the lace pink bodysuit. So classy! Also, have you noticed the changed made on the blog? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Wow that skirt is stunning! I love the gorgeous print and how you styled it with both tops! You look beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous skirt! I think I love it the best with the lace body suit but they are all beautiful outfits!

    1. The lace bodysuit is also my favorite :-). Thank you Mireille :-)

  3. This skirt is amazing! What a perfect fall look!


  4. So many possibilities, that is a very versatile and pretty skirt. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  5. This skirt is so fun and so many options. I love that you created some looks that could feel a little more casual since the skirt itself screams elegance.

  6. This skirt is absolutely beautiful! You can do so much with it. I would even like it with a denim or leather jacket. Or a graphic tee or sweatshirt even. So adorable. I think my favorite way you wore it here is with the red blouse. I just really love that color combination. It is so rich and vibrant. And your blog layout with larger images look fantastic! Thanks for linking up with week.


    1. Thank you Shelbee for noticing the changes on the blog :-)
      I think I might like it as well with the denim or leather jacket or sweatshirt. I wore graphic tees so much that I need a break from them. lol

  7. That's such a beautiful skirt and I love all the ways you've styled it! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  8. This skirt is soooo pretty. You styled it perfectly. I can't even choose which one I like the most! o)


  9. This is such a pretty statement skirt on you !I like all the outfits but with the blue cami is definitely my favourite, what a nice colour combo!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

    Away From Blue


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