Workwear Capsule Wardrobe Part II: The Khaki Blazer

Hi everyone, 

Today we are having Part II of our workwear capsule wardrobe. Before we move forward, please click here if you haven’t read the Part I of this series yet then come back and meet us here.  So to further our discussion I will today cover the Khaki blazer as announced in Tuesday blog post and also further our chat a little bit more about the subject. Also, come back on Saturday to wrap up our first workwear capsules. Right on time for Fall :-)

When it comes to workwear, professionalism is most important to me, because people perceive you in a certain way based on how you present yourself. So here’s a few tips that you can follow so you always look classy and well put together: 

1- Invest in high quality handbags. Any simple and cheap outfit will look like a thousand box if accessorize it perfectly. I like to invest in affordable luxury when it comes to handbags, shoes and belt. My favorite brands for handbags are: Zac Posen, Kate Spade & Tory Burch. Also, Amazon features some high quality leather bags that mimic some of the high end designers. They are within the same price range as those affordable luxury ones or cheaper. 

2- Invest in some good quality of high heels shoes. It's important to keep them classy and ensure that they are comfortable. You should be able to walk around all day in them without any pain. If heels aren't your things, flats with a pointed toe are an elegant alternative.  Although, the pointed toe is classier, you can go for the toe you want but please keep it classy (avoid those big buckles, bows etc…).

3- Same goes for belt. A classy leather or vegan leather belt will last you a long time if not forever and will also elevate your outfit.

4- Jewelry: I can't put the emphasis enough on investing in quality . They will last you longer and you will end up spending less in the long run  (same goes for all of the above) If your budget doesn't allow you to invest in high end jewelry such as 14k -18k gold and up, go silver or gold plated. They also have silver option filled with gold. Pearls are great alternatives to pair with your crew or round neck blouse. It also looks good with boat neck. Always follow the rules to play around with your statement pieces. 

5- Casual Friday: Friday is a day of work. Although most of us opt for more relax looks on Fridays, you should always keep in mind whether it’s Monday, Tuesday or Friday, the work environment remains the same. 

Wear what makes you feel your best, most confident self, because that’s what power dressing is all about.

Khaki on Khaki

Khaki on Navy

Khaki on Dark red (burgundy)

Khaki on Gray

Khaki on White

Khaki on black

Khaki on Brown

Khaki and the Dress

Khaki Casual
Please purchase thru my links.
Some options for khaki (earth-tone) blazers herehere , here, and here
This classic wardrobe capsule included:
  1. 3 blazers: navy blue, khaki (earth-tone) and black (optional); 
  2. 10 bottoms including a dress. For the bottom we went for solid colors: navy, khaki, black, white, burgundy, brown; a blue denim and a white denim; 
  3. 10 tops: 2 classic long-sleeve button down shirts; 1 blue cami, 1 white tee, 1 white blouse, 2 tops with a pop of color (hot pink, soft pink), 1 animal print shirt, 1 chambray button down, 1 navy stripes top. 
For a total of 23 items which can actually create over 250 outfits (270 to be more precise) simply by switching tops/bottom around along with accessories (scarf, jewelry, belts...)

  1. 2 handbags: neutral and gray (or black if you prefer); 
  2. shoes recommendation for this wardrobe: earth-tone (khaki) and black (I prefer gray); 
  3. Belt recommandations: same color as shoes and handbags; 
  4. gold-tone jewelries - Some options here
  5. and a few silk scarf (different size and shape).
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  1. Wow! It is even more versatile than I would have thought!

    1. Indeed, You can also do the same with a black or gray blazer - the dark brown pants. so versatile :-)

  2. Love the part 2 of the workwear capsule

  3. Love these different looks! I need to step my blazer game up.

    1. You definitely need one or 2 of those classic blazers. They are so versatile :-) and so classy

  4. Another great work wear post, my friend! I am loving the khaki on khaki and the khaki on burgundy the most! Such perfect fall color palettes. I, however, cannot wear that shade of tan/khaki so close to my face, but I can certainly combine a different color blazer with khaki pants! Thanks so much for joining my link party this week!


    1. Hey Shelbee, thank you - You should try the khaki blazer with a top in a color that flatter your skin tone underneath. It might make a difference. Also, you can play with the makeup and see if that makes a difference:-) otherwise, pants are good option. I like a khaki pants with a navy blazer - so classy :-)

  5. It's enodmοսs that you are getting idewas from this article
    as well ass fгom ouսr dialogue made at this place.

  6. I love that you styled your khaki jacket multiple ways and showed people how accessories can make an item go a long way. You've inspired me to think about how I pair items in my wardrobe. It's great you showed how you can make a few items into numerous outfits!

    1. Thank you Brooke and nice meeting you.Hope that you will visit the blog more often :-). Xo

  7. Great styles, thanks for showing the to us. Jacqui x Mummabstylish

  8. Great work outfit suggestions. You look stunning in all of them.

  9. that blazer goes with everything, what a great purchase! I love blazers for an easy office outfit, they work with so many things and help outfits look more formal :)

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Indeed Mica, you can't go wrong with a nice blazer. It's an office staple.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  10. Ok..I'm in love with every single one of these looks and you have convinced me more than ever that I NEED a khaki blazer!!

    1. the khaki blazer is a most- it's so versatile :-)

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