Top 6 lace front Wig Hacks To Keep It Secure & Looking New

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Women love their hair and, they believe that long beautiful hair makes them look even more glamorous. However, some of us do not have long beautiful hair, while others have short, thin hair, and even complete hair loss. In such cases, women prefer to wear wigs. If you have worn wigs, you might have understood how difficult it is to secure wigs and the struggles to keep it right.
Gone are those days where people who wore wigs had problems. We have now a lot of accessories that help keep the lace front wig in place.

Before we move on, let us look at the various kinds of wig options available, and which is best for you.

Lace Front Wig
Lace front wigs have small sheer lace pattern along the front hairline attached to the front side of this wig. The hair strands are hand knotted strand by strand into the holes of the lace. Wearing it is easy as they are stretchable and can cover your entire scalp.

360 Lace Wig
360 lace wig is similar to a lace front except for the fact that the lace goes around the whole perimeter of this wig. So, this makes your wig hair look like a natural hair that grows from your scalp.

Full lace wigs
One of the most versatile wigs, full lace wigs is a popular choice among many women. This entire wig is hand-knotted with each strand onto the lace cap. With full lace wig, you can style any hairstyle with ease.

Which one's better?
No matter which one you choose they cover the entire scalp with a great natural looking hairstyle. Lace front wigs are less expensive than 360 lace front and full face front wigs. But, full lace wig tops the race for its versatility. So, it is up to you to choose one that suits your need, budget, and how you maintain it.

Well, let's also know a few hacks that help secure your wig from falling off.

Use Bobby Pins
Using Bobby pins is one of the easiest tricks many women follow for setting the hair. It has a versatile design and can easily grip any kinds of hair texture. So, why not use bobby pins to fix the wig from slipping off. One great hack using bobby pin is ensuring the wavy side of the pin goes down on the scalp for a better grip.

Wear a wig cap
Wearing a wig cap not only protects your hair but also keeps it comfortable to use. It helps to hold your hair in place and secures the wig.?? This hack saves a lot of time, I mean, honestly, who does this time taking task every morning?

Use medical grade adhesive
Women who have baldness can use a medical grade adhesive for attaching the wig to the skin well so that it doesn't fall off. Wig glues last up to a week or two depending on your skin. Isn't it easy? Use it once a week and your hairstyle get sorted for days.

Buy Wig Grips
For people having sensitive skin, wig grips are for you. It is easily adjustable. All you have to do is, place the wig grip around your head like a flattened headband and this will secure curly lace front wig tightly.

You may even use gel bands for better grip as it reduces the heaviness on your head. They are soft and can be worn under the wig to secure it. You feel more relaxed and comfortable wearing it as it reduces the weight on your head. So, women having a sensitive scalp can go for it.

Try double-sided tape
Double-Sided tape provides better grip and helps secure your wig when you are in a rush. All you have to do is put small pieces of tape wig on different places. It is so easy to use and can help you slay another day until you buy your missing clips from your beauty supply store.

Secure your lace front wig with these hacks and thank us later. If you are in search of best lace front wig online, check hairgets. Lace front wigs look realistic as they cover the front hairline just like natural hair. Many women opt for curly lace front wigs because of the texture and, you can find this great collection at hairgets.


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