Goodbye Summer - Featuring My Favorite Swimsuit

Champagne Boutique Try-on Session
Hi Everyone,

How to better say good-bye to summer than with a swimsuit try-on session. I know this one was highly requested but instead of a try-on session, I am sharing the hidden gem I found when I was actually not looking for swimsuit.

Outfit Details:
Swimsuit, tassel necklaces, hat & beach bag @champagneboutique
I initially picked Luminescence and did an in-store photographed session but it didn't go quite well for various reason: I had to shoot in the afternoon because the next day they were having their summer blow-out sale;  I was planning to have my hair done on the next day so I was having a bad hair day. To top it off, they had walk-in customers so it was difficult for me to find a proper spot to shoot. I was very uncomfortable so I ended up shooting in the actual dressing room and I am not pleased with the result. That's actually very unfortunate because looking at those pictures, I actually look good in a one-piece swimsuit. 

Luminescence Beach Bags 😍😍😍
Outfit Details:
Swimsuit, cover-up, beach bag, sunglasses, hat @Luminescenseboutique
My top picks @LuminescenceBoutique. The bottom right is my favorite. Unfortunately, we had some lighting issue.
More cuties @ LuminescenceBoutique 
You may not get it but I am very self-conscious about the way I look. To me nowadays everyone else look better in a swimsuit. But why I am that self-conscious? After giving birth to the twins my body changed considerably and I don't particularly like how I see myself in the mirror. I am not here to complain whatsoever: it's nothing that good workout can't fix. So I am sure that next summer I will be - in my eye- beach body perfect but for today, I am here to please you and I hope that you will be gentle :-)
Swimsuits @ChampagneBoutique - Can you tell I was having fun?
So during my clothing try-on session at Champagne Boutique, I noticed a few swimwear and I was like: why not? I ended finding myself loving this black swimsuit a lot. Overall, this is definitely the most challenging photo shoot I have ever done. I know I mentioned here that I was challenged but this one was definitely the utmost challenge.

Outfit Details:
Swimsuit, cover-up, tassel necklaces & hat @Champagne Boutique
So here we are... Two more weeks to go but already saying Goodbye to Summer. Now, I hope you had fun reading about my challenge to overcome some of my insecurities. Are you self-conscious about having your pictures taken in a swimsuit? At the end of it all, I think that  I will be more comfortable the next time I do a similar session. Comment below and share some feedback.

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Photo Credit @Vonvonphotography

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  1. You look really good on them, I don't personally see the issue....

  2. You look great in those suits and that black one is probably my favorite. I typically don't get my picture in a swimsuit unless I have a coverup for my bottom part, after 4 kiddos, there are some areas I would rather not see in my pictures.

    1. The black one is my favorite - It was very challenging for me to take those pictures after 3 kids but sometimes it's just in our mind. :-) Xo,

  3. Well if you hadn't pointed out all of the issues you had, I'd have never known.😉You look great in all these suits. Thanks for linking up with us!!!

  4. You look fabulous! I think we definitely all have our insecurities, but a great swim suit that we can rock certainly helps that. This black cut out one is so great on you!


    All those suits look amazing on you, the perfect model! You say you have 3 kids? NO WAY! ;)
    Thanks for linking up at what I wore Sunday. This week's link up is live. I hope to see you there.

    1. hey Sarah, thank you :-)
      and yes - I just joined the link up. The weekend was a little overwhelming with family funeral and all.

  6. So many cute swimsuits! I love my bikinis, I really should try looking into a suit instead for something different!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) I just posted this week's linkup, I'd love you to join again! :)

    Away From Blue

    1. I am a ride or die 2 pieces kind of girls but after 3 kids I had to try something else until I can boost my self confidence back up and I was amazed by the results. You should definitely give it a try. Xo,


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