Special Edition: Back To School - Featuring Lady Aubrey & the Twins

Hi everyone,

Upon request, today the kids take over the blog with a mini back to school try-on session. I wanted to go to one of those boutiques for the session but since I wanted to include the twins; and thinking about the challenges that might incur with under 2-year old toddlers in a store I decided to do something home. I was telling myself that it was going to be quick, easy and short- big mistake: The twins were very agitated, they were of course happy to get dressed up and wear their new outfits but things got messy along the way:
  1.  Audrick wanted to carry his backpack too soon- no time for sweater. Then it became nightmare to change his outfit because he was not willing to let go of the backpack or the shoes to put on other clothes and cried like we were actually beating him up;
  2. Addison wanted to do her things, her way and as it was approaching her nap time she became very irritated and cried for nothing and everything.

Talking about back to school, how do you guys do your shopping for back to school. Years ago, I have set up some rules to ensure I don't waste my time and money; or to have to shop over and over throughout the year unless one will unexpectedly grow out some of their clothes. Here's 10 tips I follow when I'm shopping for back to school:
  1. Set up a budget (yup, that way, you sure to get the strict necessary even if you stretch that budget a little bit);
  2. Make a list of purchase by priority;
  3. Have your child try-on last year clothing to decide if there is anything that you can keep;
  4. Buy for durability (find what works for you to avoid buying super hero or princesses pieces of clothing or backpack just to please you kids but won't last you 3 months);
  5. Invest in quality. Don't cut corners on some items such as backpack lunchbox, shoes... Good quality will last you all year long;
  6. Compare prices on different websites , stores before making a purchase;
  7. Stock Up for the whole year (if you have toddlers like me, go up to 2 sizes depending on how their growing cycle are);
  8. Watch the sales;
  9. Do Couponing;
  10. Start early. Don't wait for last minute to do your shopping.

What is usually listed on my B2S shopping list, taking school and after school (dance call, tennis lesson, music or swimming lessons) into account:
  1. 5 pairs of school pants - 2 pair of jeans
  2. 4 to 5 short sleeved tops
  3. 2 to 4 long sleeved tops
  4. 2 to 4 hoodies and sweaters (kids go to school in the mountain)
  5. 5-7 shorts and skorts for after schools activities 
  6. 2 to 4 pair of shorts, skirts (after school activities)
  7. 12 pair of socks
  8. 12 pair underwear 
  9. 2-3 pair of shoes (I tried a lot of brands such as Pediped, Nike and more but Stride Rite or Adidas are the most durable)
  10. Misc: nap mat, duffle bags, food containers...

Where I like to shop for back to school. I mostly use Amazon and Old Navy but I do love backpacks from Pottery Barn. They last forever. Also, if I can't find French Toast Uniforms on Amazon, I will check The Children's Place.
  1. Amazon
  2. Old Navy
  3. Oshkock B'gosh
  4. The Children's Place
  5. Pottery Barn (backpack, lunch box, duffle bags)
  6. Target/ Walmart
Couponing at:
  3. Amazon deals
Queen Aubrey  (The Boss)
Backpack, lunchbox & duffle back for after school activities (dance, tennis & swimming lesson) - And yes, she's only 5 years old:-)
The Middle One (The Real Boss) - Addison
Backpack, lunch box, nap mat & duffle back for after school activities (swimming lessons & dance)
Baby Boy- Audrick (The charming yet evil one)
Backpack, lunch box, nap mat and duffle bag for after school activities (swimming lesson)
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that session as much as it was challenging for us to put it together. We surely had fun and learn some lessons on how to make it better the next time they are making an appearance on the blog. Do you have toddlers? Any challenging to take photos? Tips? Also, how do you shop for back to school? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. Cute kids Moumous and so stylish, you can see they will take after Mamma! Thanks for sharing at #WowOnWednesday.

  2. That was fun! Love you how you name the kids! Thankfully with having all boys, we do a lot of handme downs and we usually only have to buy shoes and a couple pairs of pants or shorts for my oldest!

    1. Lucky you - With the age difference between the twins. I don't have much hands me down for Addison for now- as I already given most of my elder clothes to Charity but now I am saving them :-)

  3. So adorable!!!! Where did you buy shoes for them ?

  4. Oh my goodness, your kiddos are darling! I remember when my twins were little - they are ten now. Honestly, they are still stealing a lot of attention around this family of 6. Anyway, your comprehensive back to school check list - before and after is amazing. I've nothing to add to that! Thanks for sharing and thank your for linking up with us over at the Style Six. :) It's so nice to meet you Iris! - Chrissy, Granola & Grace

    1. THank you Chrissy - I would like to know more about your twins- the challenges and how you handle them :-) because I am not sure I am always doing a good job. :-)

  5. Your kids are adorable! My daughter is 10 now and loves trying on clothes, although she will not wear jeans! Getting them ready for school sure is expensive, but at least you can pass some things on from Aubrey! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    1. My daughter doesn't like to wear jeans she's a skirt and dress girl which doesn't bother me at all- but it's pretty chill where she's attending school so I got her school uniforms and jeans - she does have a dress or 2 and skirts uniforms but they are not always the best option given of the temperature ;-)

  6. Your kids are dolls! Look how stylish they are! I love your little descriptions too, they made me laugh! I dont have kids but think your list is wonderful for how to shop for back to school. When I go into Target I see so many cute kids clothes and will get items them for my niece.
    thanks for lnking!
    jess xx

    1. Thanks Jessica, the struggle to resist cute pieces from Target, Amazon, Carter's etc. is real lol. The list keep me on track- I can always go a little crazy after ensuring that they have what they really need for school.

  7. Some great tips - your twins are adorable!

  8. Oh my word, your children are so adorable! Aren’t they funny when they throw fits over the tiniest things and it seems like you are torturing them! I am loving Aubrey’s pink Adidas! No I want a pair.


    1. Thanks Shelbee - you should definitely get a fair of Adidas. I love the pink and the gold stripes ones ;-)

  9. How delightful to see your budding models! Thanks for sharing on the #linkup Jacqui Mummabstylish

  10. All great tips for B2S shopping. I totally agree with investing in good quality backpacks, lunchboxes and shoes. We have PBKids backpacks and they are going strong third year in a row!
    As much as I love having photo shoots with my toddlers, they are temperamental ;) haha.. It's hard. So I just accept it when they don't want to join me. It's sad on the blog but less stress for everybody.
    I hear that candy and treats are great rewards. I usually save those for our annual familyphoto shoots haha.

    1. BBkids are definitely the best. I usually have no trouble taking their pictures because they love that but they were too excited about the new shoes, backpack and lunchbox. lol.

  11. Aww your kids are so cute! I hope you had a fun photoshoot even if it didn't turn out like you imagined - it never does with kids, haha! :)

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Indeed Mica - they usually enjoy having their pictures taken but that day was terrible - lol.
      Thank you for stopping by. XO


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