Made In Haiti: Back to my Roots featuring Bijou Lakay Boutique

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Today is another try-on session promoting my Made In Haiti serie. And this time I visited Bijou Lakay.  BIJOU LAKAY is a daring and innovative fashion jewelry brand that holds true to Caribbean traditions, whilst creating unique and bold statement pieces guaranteed to turn heads.

Meet the Founder of BIJOU LAKAY

Daphnée Karen Floreal began her career in the banking industry, before founding the BIJOU LAKAY brand, where she serves as Creative Director. Daphnée’s passion for developing others remains, and is evident in her tireless work to support youth and entrepreneurship in her community. She has been awarded various times for her work as artist and businesswoman in Haiti and abroad.

These three words perfectly summarize and describe the Bijou Lakay line of accessories that has completely transformed the Haitian fashion industry. Bijou Lakay is a line of jewelry accessories, individually crafted by hand by a community of artisans.

The vision of the designer, is that each person who wears a Bijou Lakay creation can feel special and unique. Using only the ancestral methods handed down from previous generations, and rudimentary equipment, these men have dedicated their lives to their work. They learned from their elders, bruising and burning their hands along the way, to produce these stunning bullhorn products. The line combines this centuries-old art with a contemporary style that is free and unique. Bullhorn is one of the most difficult natural materials to work with, demanding special care and patience. It is often combined with wooden – typically cedar or mahogany – elements, and then within the limited-edition collections comes the addition of gemstones such as turquoise, jasper, malachite and pearls.

It so happen that Daphnée and I went to high school together and It's been an eternity since we met face to face. I was happy to see her and take a picture with her and the baby bump. I am so proud of her accomplishment and wish her continuous success with Bijou Lakay. Excelsior Daphnée! 

Visit Bijou Lakay website(click here) and buy your favorite statement pieces (worldwide shipping available).  Use the coupon code "summer" for 10% of discount Or visit their showroom @bijoulakay or one of the following distributors @creationsdorees & @lakoulakay for 20% off on all purchases over $50. This promo is only available for this summer. 

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PhotoCredit @Vonvonphotography

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  1. Wow what gorgeous pieces! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Again! Beautiful pieces! I have really enjoyed this series!

  3. Amazingly dramatic pieces, they really suit you! Thanks for linking up at #WowOnWednesday!

  4. You look gorgeous in all of those statement pieces. It always warms my heart to hear these stories that contribute to the well being small business women.

    1. Thank you Kim - Indeed these stories are very inspiring :-)


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