Made In Haiti: Back to my Roots featuring Collections Veve

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After the feedback that I received, I decided to keep that segment promoting our local designers and the amazing work that they are doing in our community. Today, I am featuring VèVè Collections, a handmade handbag business operating in Haiti since 2006 and owned by Phelicia Dell. 

Before I go further, I have to make note of how friendly the owner, Phelicia Dell, was when I wrote her about our project. Although we never met before and she wasn't in town at that time she immediately open her doors to us: "No problem, Stop by Anytime" & "Thanks for thinking of Us", like you can talk about Haitian Fashion designers and forget about their iconic handbags. I was impressed by so much humility and wisdom. Needless to say, we rushed in the next business days. The staff were all very nice and helpful. They almost made us photographed each handbag individually :-)

And then, I, as LaMoumous, finally got to meet Phelicia on Sunday at a local fair. I was actually able to confirm that she is, indeed, very welcoming, sweet and easygoing. By the way, Lamoumous will publish a special edition on the blog this coming Saturday to report on this summer fair.  

About Collection VèVè

They are creations that are assembled in a challenging environment designed to illustrate the VèVè diagrams in their purities in the Haitian culture.The perfect finish is achieved with constant inventiveness, an unyielding need to succeed, and the minimum of technological instruments. The artist developed a flair for anticipating surefire success that will win every creation. She applies implacable rigidity to finishes. Any dissatisfaction compels her to arm herself with her scissors, ripping the smallest imperfection. Her team is inspired and encouraged by the prospect of being part of a crazy dream created inside VèVè's workshop.” I have worked and created vodou flags for many years with my uncle who has passed recently. For me it is not just making the flags, today Mrs. Dell Art has giving me my life a new perspective,” explain Gertrude. “ I have learned the composition of colors and contrasts of overlapping elements to create the most beautiful pieces of Art which seems to float, vary in height and form as Mrs. Dell pieces offers views from differentiating the vodou flags couture as a high end Art above all taboos of the vodou culture “ say’s Jhonny.
The VèVè Collections brand represents a synthesis of magic and logic that stands for originality, authenticity, value and a truly inspirational distinctive fashion style. The revolutionary designs, the coupling of fabrics with beadings, sequins, and hand painted cloths, the finishing and the stitching make each piece a work of art. It is with sublime madness that Phelicia promotes and sells Haiti to the largest networks throughout the fashion world.

Visit their website (here) or their IG page (here) for more info about their products.

Clutches & Mini Bags

Beach & Oversize

And the Backpack
Outfit Details:
All handbags, clutches, backpack @collectionsveve
Maxi Dress 
I kid you not, the craftsmanship in those pieces are amazing.  I love almost everything from that ruffle beach bag to the other oversize bag right after that ruffle bag, the second and the third from the handbags section and I am here for the simplicity yet elegance of the denim and burlap clutch. How about you? What are the pieces you like the most? Please comment below, your feedback is much appreciated.

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Photo Credit @vonvonphotography

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  1. Beautiful bags! The craftmanship is impressive!

  2. Thanks for the intro to Collection VèVè, the handbags and beach bags are stunning. I adore green and love all the bags with green in! Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday!

  3. I am eyeing the bags but seriously I am amazed by your complexion and skin. SO SO pretty! :)
    Thanks for linking up. I love seeing your post :)

    1. awwww - thank you Sarah, So nice of you to say. Xo,

  4. They are all beautiful. Picking one would be almost impossible



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