Local Fair @Aioli Restaurant promoting Women in entrepreneurship

Hi everyone,

As announced on my IG story last week, LaMoumous was invited to a local fair "Solde D'Été" 1st Edition @ Aioli Restaurant. I was invited by Bijou Lakay’s CEO and I am grateful for that opportunity as I was able to discover a lot of local designers that are doing an amazing job in our community. Everyone was friendly and very welcoming which was very helpful since it was the very first time that I was doing something like that. I had the opportunity to visit all the attending exhibitors and took over 200 pictures during the 2 hours spent over there. I am planning on visiting some of them for our try-on session. So stay tune.

Meanwhile, I was so impressed to see all these women together – laughing and uplifting each other. It was very inspiring and some sort of a boosting to me hearing all those amazing stories as they are striving to bring something new and high quality to the local market and abroad. I have to make note that there was 1 man designer among them but I don’t think it should take away the credit since the fair itself was organized by 2 amazing women: Daphnee @BijouLakay & Viviane @Aioli Restaurant.
As I am writing this post, I am struggling with a bad internet connection to upload all those not so good pictures however, I hope that you can appreciate the tremendous work accomplished by those women in a very difficult and precarious environment. The craftsmanship of the handmade products was amazing and I was so surprised to discover so many entrepreneurs who are promoting our culture. Not to take anything away from some of the women who attended the event to promote other goods. The little talk I had with each and every one of them make me realize that they are doing an incredible job as well. They are the best option for anyone that aren’t in a position to travel or does not have a credit card to afford some of the most popular products/brands available around the world such as: Clothing, make up, accessories and more. Or, when you need something right away – got me thinking as of why I left that “MAC”, Ruby Woo behind? SMH
Taking a selfie with Daphne who happened to be pregnant and had to carry her first born around on that day remind me that they are all mothers, wife, sisters, aunties just like me dealing with everyday life but do create the time to chase their dreams, have a vision and with such limited resources. It was very empowering and encouraging to me. Also made me realize that I was being so shallow thinking that it was too much on that day to multitask between having people over for dinner and a kid’s party and yet still manage to attend the fair. I almost gave up but I was here for a good challenge. On that note, I would like to thank Daphne for the invite and for the support.
Before we get started, please note that I was by myself (no @vonvonphotography this time but help me editing those selfies) and I was also having a bad hair day (long story) and last but not least I am neither a journalist nor a photographer so please be gentle :-).

Bijou Lakay (visit their IG page here - Already featured on Lamoumous here)

Pilboro (Visit their IG Page here)

VeVe Collections (visit their IG Page here - already featured on Lamoumous here)

ZANNANNA Beauty (visit their IG Page here)


Fanm Limye (visit their IG page here)

AYITI ERITAJ Cocktail (visit their page here)

Mots D'Elle Accessories (visit their IG page here)

Kettly Dorlette - A Star Creation (visit their IG page here)

Vladimir Avril, Fashion Designer (visit their IG page here)


 Gamonde Jewelry (visit their IG page here)

Leda Jewels (visit her page here)

Creations Dorée (Visit their IG page here, also featured on Lamoumous here)

Atelier Michaelle (visit their IG Page here also featured along with Creations Dorees here)

Les Tresors de Gerry (visit their IG page here)

 Gift HT (online shopping - visit their IG Page here)

Four Seasons, Sparkling Shine and Glow 

JiJi's Beach Apparel (Visit their IG page here)

 Delices Tropicales (visit their IG page here)

Lyne Delices (visit their IG page here)

Also Selfie with Carel @ChoKarella Media 

It has been a long one - and so many challenges to bring this post to you today. I hope you appreciate it as much as I was committed to get it done. Please share feedback below and let me know if you made any new discovery. On my side, I re-discover or discover some real hidden germs that I hope we can collaborate in a very near future. Also, which one of them would you like to read more about. I will be pleased to make a special edition featuring some if not all of them on the blog. Comment below and let me know.

Until next time.



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  1. Great job Moumouss!!! I attend this local fair "Solde D'Été" 1st Edition @ Aioli Restaurant" and I think it is a experience that need to be renew.

    200 pictures, waouuuu.....

    1. lol - yes 200 pictures. I don't know lol. Definitely. Looking forward to a 2nd edition :-)

  2. These fairs are great way to meet people in real life that we only see on screen. :)
    I love the flat sandals. Beautifully designed.
    Thanks for linking up Iris.

    1. Thanks Sarah - I enjoyed the fairs as well. The sandals and the jewelries were very nice :-)

  3. So many pretty things and so many vendors in one place!

    1. Indeed Mireille - It was overwhelming to see so many great and unique pieces :-). Xo,

  4. What a fun fair! So many unique and pretty pieces and accessories, looks like it was a lot of fun!
    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

    Away From Blue

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