Healthy Hair Journey: My journey recap & routines

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Hi Everyone,

Before we get started, if you are new to my blog, Welcome. Please read the latest update on my hair journey here if you haven't already. In that post I shared 20 tips on how to maintain and grow healthy hair. Today, I am trying to make a quick recap of my journey and my personal routines following your request and the latest poll I had on IG on that subject.

Before, we get started here's 10 things you need to know on my journey:
  1. I am texlaxed (textlaxing 2-3 times a year);
  2. I have been on a healthy hair journey since 2011 (but I fully master  how to grow healthy air in 2016);
  3. I have 4b-4c hair type;
  4. I have normal porosity (I was low porosity before);
  5. I am currently (BSL) bra lenght leaning towards  MBL (mid-back lenght);
  6. The longest my hair has been prior starting my hair journey was CBL (colarbone lenght);
  7. I started my journey with a bob cut less around NL (neck length);
  8. I had 5 major sets backs;
  9. I had 2 pregnancies (3 kids total);
  10. My goal is WL (Waist Lenght) but I think I'll stop at MBL (Mid Back Lenght).
Now, before I begin, I will try and summarize my hair journey with a few pictures. I am so not good at keeping track of my hair journey so I apologize for low qualities pictures.     
Also, please take into account that I have spent over 5 years researching and studying the hair strand over the internet and I made so many mistakes on my own hair to even went through too many set backs. I am not a certified hair expert but I hope that I can share my journey with you and help you have a better understanding of your own hair in order to define the right hair regimen which varies from one hair type and porosity to another.

In my early years - Under 20
In my 20's healthy but over-processed (in between CBL and SL)
Beginning of hair breakage - over-processed by heat & harsh chemicals 
The beginning of the end 
Fresh Hair trimmed - Beginning of my healthy hair journey 

New Growth immediately after 
A nice try to change from the bob style and getting ready for the hair to grow even
Hair is growing 
More volume & definition 
Set back but still healthy 
They grew fast 
Last documented set back

Current Hair length below (maybe 1/2 to 1 inch more since pictures were taken)

So now, here's my daily routine:

How I moisturize and Seal daily
As I have normal porosity both LOC and LCO methods work for me however, I like the LCO better:

L: for liquid. I make my own or use one of the Cantu in the picture below. I like my composition best but between the 2 Cantu leave in, I like the kids version better.

C: for Cream. My go to cream these days is Mielle Organics Avocado Hair Milk but when I have time, I have my own recipe which I like best.

O: for oil. I either use the Mint and Almond oil from Mielle Organic's or argan oil, Coconut Oil, EVOO or grapeseed. My favorite is Coconut Oil.
Do not mind the unknown bottle. It contains my homemade leave-in conditioner. Comment below if you would like to have my recipe.
Scalp Treatment
I do not put anything major on my scalp to avoid clogging my pores and provoke unnecessary hair loss but I do massage at least twice a week with some oil on the tips of my fingers. I use either the Mielle Mint and Almond oil, coconut oil (very light oil) or my own mixture. These days, Mielle is my go to only because of my busy schedule but I have been liking it.
Only using one of these light oil to massage my scalp but my favorite got to be the Mielle Organic Mint and Almond Oil & the Coconut Oil. I sometimes use EVOO depending of how long I intend to stretch my texlax.

I do prepoo before each wash day. I prefer making with natural ingredients such as : Avocado, Banana, glycerin, honey and certified organic oils (cold pressed and unrefined whenever possible): avocado, coconut, grapeseed, sesame, jojoba ... and essential oils: tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang. I also like aloe- vera water.
Picture also feature 2  of my homemade hair growth treatment from my personal lines of products. Comment below if you would like to have more details. 
Protein Treatment
I discover during my journey that  I am protein sensitive so I only do a light or natural protein treatment after textlax or once a month if I feel that I need it. My holy grail protein treatment: egg, grapeseed oil & EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Wash day
I wash my hair 2 times a month. This is what I found works best for me. I always do a deep conditioner treatment and at least 15 minutes under the steamer (Best method to take full advantage of a deep conditioning treatment). I do a roller set 90% of the time but I don't blow dry after or I do one with very low heat. I always use argan oil and heat protectant prior.
Mielle Organics pomegranate & honey line is my go to but I also like their rosemary mint line and I am looking forward to add the new Moisture X line to my collection. I also use the Aura Botanica from Kerastase - their only organic line of products.
If I feel my hair needs some TLC between wash days -  I co-wash using my own co-wash mixture or any co-wash I have available followed by a deep conditioning treatment and I air dried my hair.
Protective style
I mostly use bobby/bob pins to tuck my hair with a loose bun. It is very important not to tease my hair to avoid unnecessary breakage. I also like braiding my own hair or flexi rods but to me below are the safest options.
On a regular day (can you tell how loose it is?)
On a fancy day
As I am getting closer to touch ups and completely fed up :-)

Sleep routine
I mostly moisturize at night as I find it to be more beneficial to my hair. I also sleep with a sateen bonnet after that I divide my hair in 2 sections and straighten them up and secure with Bob pins (the safest hair wrap method).
Tools I use: Note that I do not used the towels available in the regular Beauty Salons. I use the black towel showed here made out of organic cottons. Very smooth on the hair and prevent frizz.
I use Phyto specific as relaxer and I mix it with one of the deep conditioners I own mostly the Shea Moisture Manuka Money line or the original one) 1/1. Also, I always saturate my hair with a homemade oils mixture and baggy overnight.

Other products I use in my hair care routine
  1. Hair vitamins (Hairfinity);
  2. Application of a scalp treatment after washing my hair ( I enjoy a few options from Kerastase);
  3. Cant stress enough on the importance of drinking lots of water.
That was a very long one. Thank you if you made it til the end. Please comment below and share your feedback or questions. I will be pleased to chat with you. What works for you? What are your struggles? How long have you been in your journey and have you noticed progress? What should I write about next? I can't wait to read your thoughts.

Until next time.




  1. Trying to handle properly the dryness of my hair since lately I found out I have low porosity hair and I was doing everything wrong. Now with your advice and the LOC I start to see the difference even if you will say otherwise. Youpi to the healthy hair journey which is a learning road. XOXO....

    1. Result is coming :-). I said you need to stop teasing your edges :-). But your method shouold be LCO ;-). Thanks for the testimony, Xo

  2. Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

  3. Mention, you a nice post.Regards.

  4. Great post! Your hair looks gorgeous! :)

  5. Thanks for the tips. Would you mind sharing the homemade leave in recipe? I need to consider homemade products as I am travelling soon.

    1. In a spray bottle, mix 2 Oz of deep hydrating conditioner of your choice (silicone free), 4 oz of water (I use culligan), 1 oz of at least 2 organic oils of your choice. I mostly use: Coconut, grapeseed or EVOO (cold pressed & unrefined is best). I also switch water for aloe vera juice from time to time but if you are using aloe vera juice add a few drops of vitamin E and keep refrigerated.

  6. Hi, How long do you leave your relaxer in when texlaxing?

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  8. Result is coming :-). I said you need to stop teasing your edges :-). But your method shouold be LCO ;-). Thanks for the testimony, Henna Hair Dye

    1. I clearly stated that my method is LCO... Not sure why the comment -And I don't tease my edges. I guess you here to catch attention and promote your henna hair dye.

  9. I read your article. it has helped me a lot to understand the porosity of my hair.Your work is good keep it up as well !I have a question? if i use coconut oil on my hair. so Will it be into absorbed my hair.My hair type is low porosity hair.

  10. I had read your article and test my hair, unfortunatiely i have low porosity hair. Can you please suggest me the best oil for my really did a good job. i appreciate your efforts. Thank you!

    1. Hi Oliva, thank you for your note. Light oils are recommended for low porosity. You can try, coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed and sesame oils... Also, Shea Moisture has a great line for low porosity. I wish you the best of luck in your journey.

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  16. Thanks for your post. I’ve been thinking about writing a very comparable post over the last couple of weeks, I’ll probably keep it short and sweet and link to this instead if thats cool. Thanks.


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