Local Fair @Aioli Restaurant promoting Women in entrepreneurship

Hi everyone,

As announced on my IG story last week, LaMoumous was invited to a local fair "Solde D'Été" 1st Edition @ Aioli Restaurant. I was invited by Bijou Lakay’s CEO and I am grateful for that opportunity as I was able to discover a lot of local designers that are doing an amazing job in our community. Everyone was friendly and very welcoming which was very helpful since it was the very first time that I was doing something like that. I had the opportunity to visit all the attending exhibitors and took over 200 pictures during the 2 hours spent over there. I am planning on visiting some of them for our try-on session. So stay tune.


Transitioning to Fall - Dressing Room Try-On Session @Glamur Boutique

Hi everyone,

Today, we have another try-on session and for this one, we were pleased to collaborate with Glamur Boutique. I was so looking forward to visit them because it was a long time coming; and knowing that they already received some of their fall collection was definitely worth the wait. Although, I live in the Caribbean and that it is still summer until late September, we can certainly rock most of those vibrant fall items.


Made In Haiti: Back to my Roots featuring Collections Veve

 Hi Everyone,

After the feedback that I received, I decided to keep that segment promoting our local designers and the amazing work that they are doing in our community. Today, I am featuring VèVè Collections, a handmade handbag business operating in Haiti since 2006 and owned by Phelicia Dell. 


Healthy Hair Journey: My journey recap & routines

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Hi Everyone,

Before we get started, if you are new to my blog, Welcome. Please read the latest update on my hair journey here if you haven't already. In that post I shared 20 tips on how to maintain and grow healthy hair. Today, I am trying to make a quick recap of my journey and my personal routines following your request and the latest poll I had on IG on that subject.


Summer Edition: Channeling the Lady in Me featuring Attitude by Lory Boutique Part II

Hi everyone,

As announced, here's part II of my try-on session at Attitude By Lory Boutique.  I wanted to separate the cocktail/elegant outfits from the most casual ones. 


Summer Edition: Channeling the Lady in Me Featuring Attitude by Lory Boutique Part I

 Hi everyone,

Today I am feeling so excited to share our try-on session at Attitude by Lory with you. I think that the pictures speak for themselves: we had fun to shoot them. Big shout out to my girl @vonvonphotography who made it so difficult for me to select the pictures for editing. I have done my best to narrow it down but had to schedule 2 posts to cover that session just to give a special attention to this one.


Lady In White featuring @AbyCotton Boutique

Hi everyone,

I found this outfit during my try-on session at Aby Cotton and I did try it just like every other outfits. However, during the selection prior to editing I found myself loving this outfit more and more. So you know what that means?


Summer Edition: Dressing Room Try-On Session @AbyCotton Boutique

Hi everyone,

Back with another try-on session. We only have 2 or 3 more left before we close the summer series. I hope that you enjoy this series as much as we (@vonvonphotography and I) had fun to shoot them.


Personalized Jewelry Featuring

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Get name necklace

Hi everyone,

Today yet I am collaborating with to bring you some more accessories options. For this post we will mostly chat about silver jewelry. I was glad when I received this collaboration request mostly because I am personally on the hunt for some nice and good quality couple's jewelry at a reasonable price.

Blue Stripes High Low top & Latest Blog Update

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing an outfit that I think would be perfect for brunch. I like that shade of blue. I found it so calming and so summery. I also like the high low cut of it and the fact that from the back you may think it is a dress when it is actually a top. I paired it with some wide legs white pants to keep it classy but there is so many more ways to wear it. Thoughts?


Genuine Leather Handbags Featuring Baginning Online Store

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Hi Everyone,

Today I am pleased to share some cute handbag finds with you in collaboration with Baginning. Baginning is an online website that sells handbags for women. Located in the UK, They have a great selection of genuine leather handbags


Made In Haiti: Back to My Roots featuring Creations Dorees

Hi Everyone:

This is supposed to be the last post in my "Made In Haiti" series but there are way more boutiques promoting our bold and rich culture that I am sue you will probably see more of them in the coming days. Today's post is the most challenging shoot I have done so far since I started blogging: I am very self-conscious about my feet but, encouraged by friends and family, I had to give it a try, because, Creations Dorées is a store that I admire since they launched. I only have one pair of sandals from their because of how insecure I feel about those "too flat" feet to be exposed. Anyway, enough about me and my insecurities...


Made In Haiti: Back to my Roots featuring Bijou Lakay Boutique

Hi everyone,
Today is another try-on session promoting my Made In Haiti serie. And this time I visited Bijou Lakay.  BIJOU LAKAY is a daring and innovative fashion jewelry brand that holds true to Caribbean traditions, whilst creating unique and bold statement pieces guaranteed to turn heads.


Made In Haiti: Back to my Roots featuring TiSakSuk Boutique

Hi everyone,

I am so exited to bring you this post today that for the first time since I resumed with my blogging activities, I was a little hesitant about how to start the intro. I sometime mentioned on the blog that I am from the Caribbean, Haiti to be more precise. So I thought that it would be nice to share how we integrate art and crafting in our everyday's fashion. This week will be exclusive to my hometown and for the first of the series, I collaborated with TiSakSuk, a small boutique with bold clothing pieces and accessories.


5-ish ways to wear shorts pants

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since we haven't seen a regular post from me but I hope you enjoy the dressing room try-on series. I've been doing a lot of them lately and a few collaborations. I was actually hoping to bring you more but unfortunately, one of my project has been delayed. However, I have new things coming your way next week and I hope you will appreciate them. Stay tune.


Summer Edition: Dressing Room Try-on Session @ Khiani Boutique Part II

Hi Everyone,

I have pretty much said it all in the first post here. I had tried on so many cute pieces during my visit at Khiani Boutique that I had to make two (2) almost identical posts. However, reviewing the first post I noticed that I already published almost all of the cutest outfits except for the white shorts. I also like the fit of the denims as well as that floral cold shoulders top. 
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